ByTaly Andino, writer at
Taly Andino

So, people said that Superman would have never hidden his identity with just mere glasses. With the realistic tone that was set in Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, this possibility seemed even more unrealistic. How could people see perhaps the most famous superhero on the planet wearing glasses, and not even take a second glance?

Well, despite the fact the nay-sayers have been saying that it's ridiculous how the characters in the shows and movies get away with it, it may be more possible that we first thought - and now we have proof!

Henry Cavill recently hung around Times Square and no one noticed. He took pictures, video and even ordered coffee. He also did it all while wearing a Superman t-shirt and a jacket as a cape. How can no one recognize the face of every poster hung up around Time Square, even without his glasses?

So. this is surely proof that humans are not as keen to detail as we have thought. Having said that, Bruce Wayne is no ordinary man, so it is likely that he will know Clark's identity in DC's upcoming clash of titans.

  • Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice releases on March 25, 2016. Check out the trailer below:


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