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Crazy Artwork!

A very short post here, but I wanted to share a few paintings that the love of my life made! She is crazy talented and believe you all will enjoy them too! :)


So freaking dope!
So freaking dope!

This one is Nautilus from League of Legends because he has the best lore, and play style in the game! (At least that's just me) She captured the original splash art with striking precision, while at the same time adding her own little twists!

A Wisp In the Darkness.

She really enjoys making paintings of the cosmos, and I really must say it takes me out of this world when I see this! It's so beautiful, and makes me just sit there in awe!

Twenty-One Pilots.

If you are a Twenty-One Pilots fan then you know exactly how awesome this is, and that you're jealous you don't have this in your place! It's a perfect recreation while at the same time always adding in her own little twist!

In Conclusion!

I just wanted to show case some of her work because she's amazing! Thanks for taking a look, and have a wonderful day! Also if you are interested in commissions please give me a message at: [email protected] and I will redirect you to her! :) Thanks so much!


Did you like her artwork?!


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