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Linkle has got to be the most ridiculous character creation since Jar Jar Binks.

This is not an over exaggeration. When I heard that there was going to be a new The Legend of Zelda character called "Linkle", I thought it was a hoax. I believed it was the internet just being itself, and that a fake post was made to tease the foaming, blathering radical feminists who like to inject their vaginas into video games. It was to my dismay however that I learned Nintendo had created Linkle for the new release of Hyrule Warriors.

My next thought was that Nintendo had to be having a laugh. This had to be a reaction to the many years of people outside the LoZ fan base believing that Link was the girl named Zelda. I still believe I'm not that off base with this line of thinking.

The creation of Linkle is absolutely absurd. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a company starts pandering to attempt and enlarge their customer base, and it ends up looking more like a gimmick than a honest, true creative decision. However, there are many more reasons why Linkle is just a huge joke, and you can bet I'm going to break it down.

Let me start off by admitting that physically, Linkle looks amazing.

I'm also going to make fun of her, and point out she looks exactly like the elf from Dragon's Crown (Pictured above). Which to me, further proves that she was made as a stinking joke.

Linkle is a female warrior, wielding dual crossbows and an extremely cute green cape. Crossbows have always been a primary choice for me in RPG styled games, especially in the Elder Scrolls series. From her hair style down to her detailed leather boots, Linkle has a solid character design. If it were not for the fact that her character creation was spawned from the incessant whining of the population wanting ANY form of female trans characters, I might have actually loved the idea of a new female counterpart in LoZ.

Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

1. What kind of name is "Linkle."

I can't even get around this. Linkle sounds like a bad distasteful joke to make fun of the transgender community. It sounds like Link decided to crossdress one day, and was too lazy to come up with a decent defining female name. I almost want to pull a Toph, and call her "Twinkle-Toes." It could also be a Link/Tingle ship name. The spelling even looks lazy. I once saw somebody misspell the name "Linkelle", and I thought that looked much more acceptable.

This name goes deeper than just sounding ridiculous though. Linkle originated as a "female link", but that concept was scrapped because of public outcry of "sexism". Which is why the name "Link" wasn't kept as a neutral gender name, and this new name was created. However to me, that's even sillier. If we are going to create a completely new female that is NOT supposed to be a "female Link", then why make the names so similar? Why not completely separate the two characters and give them their own defining stories? These are questions I'm not sure will ever be answered.

2) Why did we need a female Link counterpart in the first place.

I'm sorry, female game community. Was Zelda, Midna, the Twinrova sisters, Fi, the ever present Goddesses and Golden Goddesses, Aryll, Impa, Navi, and the recurring Great Fairy not constant enough female characters for you?

Why does Link himself need a gender change. I can understand wanting to see a female lead in your favorite franchise. But why not ask for Zelda to be playable for once? I do not count Zelda: Wand of Gamelon. Nobody should ever count that as a passable game.

I'll tell you why Link got a gender swap: Because the radical feminist community is never happy. They are so absolutely surrounded by their first world privilege, that they go out of their way to find things that are sexist, just so they can still seem justified. Video games used to be the enemy. According to the mainstream public, they caused violence and were the downfall of our children. Now we even have chicken circles like the View, clucking away about things like Thor when I can almost guarantee they've never spent a dime in a comic book store on themselves. They cluck away for one reason: They don't know anything about comic books and video games, so they believe that there are no decent female characters, and they just want to nitpick the ones that exist.

I'm also looking at you, Anita Sarkeesian. She apparently hates anime, but yet puts her big opinions into Japanese companies like Nintendo.

These were one of the many posts that the Feminist Frequency made about Linkle, BEGGING to Link to undergo gender reassignment through a completely convoluted regeneration. Then, we start hearing a different tone from her.

This cry for a female Link was not because of an interest in the franchise. It was based off of a blatant sexism towards men. And now, based on the public outcry, we are stuck with this new character who honestly makes absolutely no sense.

If we are going to make a new female lead in Legend of Zelda, she should have been 100% different from Link, and her story should have been well thought out. Linkle is just a gimmick to pander to idiots who listen to things like Feminist Frequency. If you can't tell, I really dislike the Feminist Frequency.

3. For my next point, let's talk about how Linkle's story is convoluted.

This point is mostly for people who follow the LoZ saga. Link, the Hero of Time, has a story that splits into four separate timelines. The earliest takes place as the original Hero of Time, chosen by the Goddesses. This story plays out in Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword. At the end of Ocarina of Time, Link's story splits into three different timelines. One where he is a reincarnated child, one where he stays in Hyrule as an adult, and one where Link is defeated by Ganondorf. So in general, most Legend of Zelda games have a reincarnation of the original Link. Think of Back to the Future if you are a tad confused.

According to Nintendo, Linkle is a "side story" that is separate from the Link storyline, however she grows up believing she is another reincarnation of the Hero of Time. She even goes through several of the same story tropes as Link, including having an initial run in with Skull Kid. (Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess.) So where does she fit in on this already established timeline?

So which is it. Is she a female reincarnation of Link, or is she her own character? Again, her story is convoluted and not well thought out.

As a female player, I understand the public's want for playable female characters. However, it comes to a point where people who don't even care about the franchise put their voice into everything they possibly can, and the quality of the outcome is usually sub par. I'm personally tired of niche groups saying that other people's video game art should be censored, changed, and bastardized because it doesn't fit in with their personal world view. I'm glad that Linkle doesn't have her own game, and that she is just appearing in a game like Hyrule Warriors. Nintendo is already in the red, and doesn't need a gimmick to become their next big release. All my points serve my line of thought that Linkle has to be an inside joke at Nintendo.

To reiterate, this is just my opinion. If you disagree, that is perfectly okay. Everyone should be allowed to express themselves.


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