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Just as Marvel and DC before them, Fox has released a second trailer for their superhero entry of the summer; X-Men Apocalypse. While this trailer isn't quite as satisfying as seeing Spider-Man or Doomsday, it offers some unique X-Men elements that it can be sincerely proud of.

First off, we get our first glimpse of Oscar Isaac as En Sabah Nur in normal form before he officially changes into the Apocalypse. We then quickly transition to the recruitment of the four horsemen; Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and the most impressive of these, Archangel played by Ben Hardy. This scene of Archangel actually made him seem pretty powerful and the CGI of his wings looks really great.

We also see a powerful Psylocke, an old and tired looking Magneto and a young and impressionable Storm being enticed by our antagonist. This is followed by some massive destruction before we are introduced to our heroes (in a much darker tone I must add). Quicksilver is shown telling his mother that he will commit to the X-Men and it seems that Professor Xavier may be hurt or kidnapped by Apocalypse making Mystique the leader of the young group. This may or may not calm some fans who were angered by the idea of Mystique being the leader of this team without good reason.

The next sequence is arguably the most exciting of the entire trailer, the combat scenes between an unknown winged mutant (who may be our new angel) and everyone's favorite teleporter, Nightcrawler.

We also get a very brief view of Psylocke's weapons skills against Beast, as well as a look at a young and determined William Striker.

One motivational speech, and an apocalyptic background later and we are once again presented with the growling voice of the evil Apocalypse as he goes on an evil tirade about destroying the human race. All in all, I may like this trailer more than any of the Apocalypse trailers we've seen previously, if not only because this trailer offered a lot more action, and a lot of sneak peeks.

Here is the trailer below, what do you think of about it?!


Who are you looking forward to seeing the most in X-Men Apocalypse?


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