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When you were a kid, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, depending on your age), you undoubtedly daydreamed about wandering those sweet halls yourself.

Near-death experiences and mutilation notwithstanding, everyone wanted to visit the chocolate factory. A world made entirely of candy? What child wouldn't want to gorge on those delicious-looking toadstools, drink from the chocolate river, or meet a golden goose?


Well, good news for those who refuse to grow up! Universal is bringing a new dining experience to Orlando, including a chocolate factory that is about as close as you are going to get to a real-world Willy Wonka's.

Toothsome Chocolate Factory isn't based around the films, but brings together delicious chocolate and the beauty of steampunk, for a restaurant experience like no other. The combination makes sense - not only is steampunk becoming a huge subculture, but it's emphasis on browns and gold/copper, the style just screams "chocolate".

You'll be able to watch chocolate creations being made (and buy some to take home), as well as sitting down to eat surrounded by smokestacks, clockwork and copper piping. Every element of the restaurant experience will be themed, right down to the staff dressed in gorgeous steampunk style.

The best part of all is the desserts. Obviously. The restaurant will feature decadent milkshakes, sundaes and chocolate creations. These milkshakes aren't playing around, either. The Red Velvet milkshake is topped with an entire red velvet cupcake, and the Bacon Brittle does ridiculously delicious things with bacon: bacon caramel, bacon ice cream, bacon brittle, and chocolate covered bacon.

It may not be quite the magical wonderland of Willy Wonka's, and Universal won't thank you for licking the wall paper, but on the plus side, you won't turn into a human blueberry... we'll call that a (chocolate-dipped) win!

The Toothsome Chocolate Factory will open later this year.


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