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So, hopefully you have a basic knowledge of the most recent addition of the 'Call Of Duty' zombie maps.

Otherwise you may want to come back to this article at a later date.

If you are looking to achieve Rounds 30-40+, you have come to the right place. Ensure you are familiar with this map, because you will not be able to follow without being so.

So, let's get to it.

Step 1: Bows

This may be the most difficult and necessary part of this challenge.

Wolf Bow.
Wolf Bow.

Now, there are four bows in the map, not including the starting bow, and each have their own perks. You want to be getting the bow that you know well, because you do not want any surprises.

The Four Bows are: Lightning Bow, Wolf Bow, Fire Bow, and The Shadow Bow. If you want to know how to get each bow, click here to find out how to upgrade these bows.

Personally, I like the Fire Bow, because it has the lovely perk of turning zombies into molten rock. This can and will come in handy if or when you find yourself cornered.

Also, it kills the majority of the zombies in the area of effect (AOE) of the exploding arrow.

Step 2: Secondary

This will be quite an open subject, because everyone has their own preferred secondary weapon. But let's think logically.

You will inevitably run out of ammo and max ammo power ups become quite scarce the higher the round, so you will need an LMG for ammo, and a source of ammo.

You can always just keep hitting the mystery box, but it will end up being very time consuming and a hindrance, so you will want a wall weapon.

This is the BRM.
This is the BRM.

Now the BRM Is my preferred choice of weapon. It has 75 bullets in the magazine and 375 in reserve, and that's not even Pack-a-Punched. When Pack-a-Punched via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, the BRM now has an ammo count of 800 bullets in total (100+700 bullets), increased damage, and will be renamed the Blight Oblivion.

And here is the kicker, it is wall buy-able! It's a simple task, just YouTube the weapon and it'll take you two minutes to learn about it. And the search will be totally worth it, because when you do inevitably run out of ammo you can easily go buy more. Also, money isn't really a issue on solo zombies, so you'll be set for weapons.

Step 3: Perks

Perk Machines.
Perk Machines.

Now, perks are also an open subject, but in the end it comes down to four unless you have Perkaholic, or do the whole main Easter Egg.

So, I will tell you what I personally use for my four perks:

Perk 1: Quick revive, until down three times then, double tap.

If you were unaware, Quick Revive allows the downed player to get back up and into the game when solo, so it's an obvious must in this case otherwise you are treading on thin ice when it comes to getting downed. Unfortunately, after you get downed and use quick revive three times, the machine will go away so you will no longer be able to get back up! Which sucks, I know. But if it didn't Zombies would be way too easy.

So double tap because the perk not only creates 2x more damage, but doesn't use up two times the amount of ammo. So it basically doubles your damage, and, as an added bonus, will activate your Pack-a-Punched weapon's perk, for example Turned.

Perk 2: Juggernaut

I don't think this one needs explanation.

Perk 3: Stamina-Up

This perk will save your life 99% of the time, because it speeds up movement, and makes you able to dodge and avoid zombies much, much easier; it's just a must. Once you buy this you will simply hate not having it.

Perk 4: Speed Cola

This perk super shortens the time on reloading. This will also keep you alive since the LMG takes a longer time to reload. People say once you have the quick magazine attachment you will no longer need it, but lets let you decide that.

Step 4: Location

There are a good few locations, some trickier then others, but this is one of the maps that has enough to choose from.

You will need a open-ish area enough for you and a horde of zombies to move about. These are some of the locations I believe to be a good place to stay — in no ranking fashion there is:

Place 1: Bastion, where the the Death Ray Trap is located. This place is where I mainly choose, because it has a open enough space to move about, and it also has something in the middle to move around. It's damn well near perfect.

Bastion location.
Bastion location.

Place 2: This place is at the "Church" type area located at the same place the middle dragon is located. Now this place may be quite tricky, but can be used as a benefit if you have good area awareness.

Inside the church.
Inside the church.

Place 3: The courtyard, right where "evil" Dempsey lands. This place also has a nice open area and many exits, if you do manage to trap yourself.


Place 4: Testing facility. This place is the trickiest because maybe every round or so, the place will close down and force you to go inside, because the jet on the rocket will ignite and burn and kill you if you stay outside. But if you can cope with that it is a good area nonetheless.

Rocket Pad.
Rocket Pad.

Step 5 (And maybe the most important): Training

About to kill the Train.
About to kill the Train.

Finally, training is a method and the best one of staying alive is making the zombies follow you in a circle. It's pretty simple to do and works perfectly.

You will need to do this to get a high round. There is no other way that I've found.

The method is simple: dodge and do not kill the zombies, unless needed, and move in a circular fashion, rounding the zombies up until you feel its necessary to dispatch them anyway you see fit.

After following these 5 steps, and with a little bit of skill, you should hit the high rounds pretty easily.

Oh and him?, you ask, well lets' just say he's not a bother.

What did you make of that?


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