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In Life Is Strange, they never explain how the protagonist Max Caulfield gets the power to rewind time. But I have a theory.

While a lot of fans speculate that the origins of Max's powers may be supernatural, as the game has a lot of supernatural elements to it. But what if it's not supernatural at all, what if the explanation is more scientific, and down to earth.

My theory, is that, quit simply put, Max is a mutant.

Well not a mutant as in exposed to some gamma radiation, or something that ridiculous. (you'd think she'd remember a thing like that). To explain my theory, I will compare Life is strange to other works of fiction, such X-men, Heroes, and Infamous. Basically my theory is that Max was born with a mutation in her genes that gave her these powers.

So why is she just finding out about these powers now? How did she not know she had these powers, if it was something she was born with?

Well, my theory is that her mutation was lying dormant in her, until a stressful event (such as seeing someone get shot and killed) activated the gene. I believe her mutation could have manifested in many ways from telepathy, to shape shifting, to shooting lazers from her eyes (or just the ability to grow her fingernails really long) but it just so happens that her mutation is the ability to rewind time.

The fact that Max could have had any power, makes her a variable in the space time continuum, which would be why her powers mess up time so much.

But if this true, surely their would be others with powers in the world, right? Well who's to say there aren't. There are many theories that Rachael Amber (the missing girl you look for in the game, who turns out to have been murdered) has the same powers Max does.

Rachael Amber
Rachael Amber

That would explain why she was so (annoyingly) popular.

Also I'm pretty sure the creepy janitor, Samuel, can talk to squirrels. I also think there is a fourth character who may have powers of some sort, but i will make another article about that.

But this is all a theory. The origin of Max's powers is never fully explained, and I think that's on purpose.

One of the biggest purposes of gaming, is to experience life as someone else. Max is not all knowing, nor is she all powerful, she's an ordinary young girl thrown into an extraordinary situation. Despite her powers, Max is meant to be a very human and relatable character, she can get hurt, she can make mistakes (she may have rewind powers, but she's still only human) it makes sense that she would never get all the answers she's looking for. She's also supposed to represent the player, so the audience doesn't know anything Max doesn't. It's possible that we will never know how Max got her powers. To quote the movie This Is The End "the Lakers could have won the super bowl, and that's why this is happening ".

How do you guys think she got her powers? leave a comment below.


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