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This review will include spoilers.

With Daredevil coming back I thought I'd take a look back on the first season of Daredevil.

But first a look at the 2nd season

The trailer shows Daredevil in his costume and it looks like it has slight improvements from the finale of the first season.

But let me talk about the first season first and the set up that it gave for the second season.

In the first season, we get to know Matt Murdoch/Daredevil and how he could fight, and the reason I brought that up was that Stick is also in the trailer.
And Stick is a bit of an enigma because we saw that Stick trained Matt Murdoch and was kind of the father figure in his life as we know that the father was killed after trying to win a fight when he was supposed to throw it.

We also have Karen who is his first case and I have to admit, I didn't like her. Now don't get me wrong it's interesting that she would want to stay on even though she was technically a client, and I agreed with Foggy when he said "is all our clients going to be employees too". But the reason I don't like her and it's a very small dislike, is that she tends to be confused and dependent, now yes, you could say with all that happened to her it's understandable but really, she looks lost. All the time.

And what got me was by the end Foggy knows that his best friend is Daredevil but Karen doesn't and it's painful when they want to drag that out just as it was painful when Foggy dragged on about how to take the news that his best friend is Daredevil but that's just me.

And here's what I was building to that I found interesting besides Stick. And also for the second season. It's clear by the end of the first season that Fisk is no longer a threat or so we are lead to believe, however, what's not resolved is Madam Gao's disappearance. And I really hope Madam Gao comes back because she's awesome and I heard that she may be coming back as the Mother Crane or something like that.

And that the second season gives us a glimpse of Elektra and a kiss scene, and also Daredevil in the rain with Karen. I know that it sounds like Cluedo, but we can definitely expect a pandering of the love triangle, and really shouldn't mind that but, I kinda like a fast resolve to that for like middle aged people or older superheroes like Daredevil because he should already know and understand what's going on.

Obviously, the Punisher is coming to the second season, and I hope it's like Fisk's appearance, kind of like a mysterious shadowing at first but then when he's finally revealed he is super bad ass but the girlfriend of Fisk I don't really understand but I think that the girlfriend of Fisk will come back in the second season. Probably at the end to connect it all back.

What more can we expect from the second season, we should really expect Murdoch to break and finally tell Karen whom he really is, if not, I'm done with this I really will be. We can expect Foggy to slowly transition into unable to accept it to slowly accepting it, to full on support, and if Foggy is the one to tell Karen,I think I'd be able to accept it if there is a clever transition into that and like circumstances that force Foggy to do it.
We can expect Black Sky to play a part in the ninja rising along with Elektra coming in. Because we saw that it is in fact the Yakuza who brought in Black Sky, so maybe the Yakuza wants to protect their secret weapon as much as they can, hence the bringing in of more reinforcements as time goes on.

Also most likely the first few episodes would deal with the destruction that happened with Fisk already destroying a few buildings, and so they would have to deal with the destroyed buildings. And it will be interesting to see how they would handle a lot of villains in this new season.

And I know that sounds kinda weird since that we had a group of villains in the first season as well, but that was more under the control of Fisk, and the only two that stuck out that could be more dangerous was Fisk and Gao. But there is definitely more to come for the second season, I think what it is going to hint at maybe is Bullseye, because like maybe everyone's tired of Daredevil and the villains just call on Bullseye to finish the job.

So, yeah looking forward to the next season and hopefully we get to see more of the suit, because they built that up a lot. And it was promising to see it in the trailer.


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