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the act of adapting.


the state of being adapted; adjustment.


something produced by adapting:

an adaptation of a play for television.

The funny thing about the word, 'adaptation' is that whatever is being adapted, is not necessarily going to be the same as the thing it's being adapted from.

Let’s use book to movie adaptations for example, there are so many details changed throughout the process of page to screen that can’t be helped and although it angers know, I'd like to see you try take a book and turn it in to a movie, because you can't express every detail.

The thing with books is you've imagined this whole world just for you, because as a reader myself, I know you don't read for the character; you read as the character and you go on adventures as them, and that's why you get that devastating feeling when you put down a book, because that whole adventurous world is gone - and to most people, that's a very important way out, it's intimate almost. Which is why I get the anger aimed at directors and movie adaptations, because they've taken your world you've created and they've made it in to something that's close to your imagination and yet so far away from it.

What fans have to realise is that it is an adaptation of the book, it's not designed to be exactly correct word-for-word, it's an adjustment. This has worked considerably well for the Marvel franchise so far, because not all aspects of the comics have been replaced, but story lines have been altered and characters ethnicities have been changed and this has enraged some fans, what I'm trying to get across here is you've got to accept it's an adaptation – it’s also a new universe, it’s literally called ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ they’ve taken storylines and characters and put them together in similar situations for the fans, but it is not the exact comics, it’s a new universe altogether - it's not print to screen, it's not written as a play; that's not how it works. If they put what you’ve read in comics or books to screen, there's a good chance it'll get little attention, it's already been done, people would be excited at first but then they'd realise, 'hey, I already know how this ends.’ Spicing it up a bit or changing certain aspects isn't ruining your intimacy with the comics or books, it's creating a new world for fans to enjoy; essentially, it's a favour to us.

Don't get mad at directors, don't get mad at movie adaptations because it’s hard trying to please everyone at once, everyone should know that. Be grateful that there’s a new way to view a comic or book, it’s a new adaptation of your favourite thing and unless it’s truly awful – recent Fantastic Four movie adaptation I am definitely looking at you – there’s no reason to be angry if it isn’t exactly the same as the comics or books, it should be excitement! And hey, I’m not telling you how to think, in fact I’d love to know peoples take on this subject matter, but I feel I’ve raised a good point here. Tell me what you think!


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