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Out of all the media, video games have received the most hatred and controversy from protesters, angry parents and government officials. These people keep on saying that people, especially children, should not be playing video games because they are violent, stupid and offer nothing to the growing mind.

While this is can be true with certain games, we seem to forget that there is also stupid crap on TV with reality television, in movies with B-grade exploitation and even in music.

Now, I’m not saying video games are totally innocent; they are also guilty of releasing some disgusting and downright offensive crap. So now, I will go through the top 10 most insulting and controversial games I have come across.


Some games on this list may shock and somewhat disturb you. If you are easily shocked or offended, I highly suggest you stop reading here. As for the rest of you, proceed with caution.

10. Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever is basically on this list because it was an insult to anybody who still had a little glimpse of hope in the franchise and thought they were going to get at least a decent shooter. Unfortunately we got a game full of terrible one-liners about Duke Nukem’s penis and a strip club level that I’m surprise didn’t get more people up in arms.

Yep, after fighting an alien queen with three breasts, you just suddenly wake up in a strip club where you have to fetch popcorn, a dildo and condoms for a stripper to pleasure you.

Yep. This happened...
Yep. This happened...

Also, while in the strip club, there are many way to boost your ego. Like the glory hole, where Duke can put his man sausage in and get a random blowjob. You will feel very unclean after playing this game.

9. Ride to Hell: Retribution

This is a pretty recent game that has quickly become known as one of the worst video games ever made. Oh you’ll all be eating those words after you see what else is on this list. The game follows a motorcyclist named Jake Conway who has just returned from the Vietnam War and rejoins his biker gang, only to find out that their rival gang has murdered Jake’s brother.

Jake swears vengeance against the rival gang and stops at nothing to find his brother’s murderers. This game just insults your intelligence, as if to say “We don’t need to put it effort or even try, people are stupid enough to buy anything”. This was just a money grab, pure and simple.

Seriously. These scenes come out of nowhere
Seriously. These scenes come out of nowhere

Ride to Hell: Retribution is so broken that its almost unplayable, and the story missions are some of the most head-scratchingly confusing I’ve seen in a long time. There is a weird mission where you have to save a woman from being raped and when you do, she automatically starts to sleep with you without an introduction.

I was looking at the screen in complete confusion as if I literally missed something in the past five seconds. Some people think that this is a gamer’s “Plan 9 From Outer Space” or “Mano’s The Hands of Fate” where it’s so bad it’s good. Well, if you believe that then have fun with it, but I’m just going to continue to hate it.

8. Custer's Revenge

Definitely the oldest and one of the strangest games on this list. You play as a cowboy named Custer who wears nothing in the game but a cowboy hat, boots, bandana and an erection. The object of the game is too go from the left side of the screen to the right, while dodging arrows, to basically rape a Native American woman tied to a pole.

That is all, that is the entire game. I’m at a loss for words as to who was horny or drunk enough to shout this out in a meeting or discussion about future game ideas. We can only hope that the person is fired, ostracized by the game industry and working at McDonald’s.

7. EA Games

EA Games does not love you. EA Games does not care about you. EA Games loves money, your money to be more specific. If you think otherwise then you are terribly mistaken. All I ever hear from people is that EA Games has released another terrible game, another broken game, another game that just wanted more of your freaking money.

I’m putting them on this list because people just keep buying more and more of their awful games and then complain that their games are not very good. It’s like paying EA to slap you across the face every single year and complain that the slap was just a slap in the face of people who are a fan of slaps. If there is anyone who doesn’t give a crap about their customers intelligence or loyalty, it’s EA. STOP BUYING THEIR GAMES!!!

6. V-Tech Rampage

Well here’s one you can actually play yourself on Newgrounds and then immediately shower and hope you don’t go to hell for playing it. The game has a pretty simple mechanic of just running around and killing as many students as possible, until you are gunned down.

If, for some reason, you want to try and experience this game just out of complete sheer curiosity, then I can’t say I really blame you, but you really aren’t missing much. Hopefully nobody will ever make a game out of a terrible tragedy like this again…

5. Super Columbine Massacre RPG

God dammit. Yep, someone did it. They made a RPG about the Columbine Massacre, and it has bad as you think it is. The game recreates the Columbine Massacre that occurred in 1999 where two disturbed students walked into their school and started shooting and killing random students.

A man named Danny Ledonne decided to not only make a video game out of this incident, but a RPG game none the less. The game plays like a turn-based RPG where you play as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and fight and kill various teenage stereotypes such as peppy cheerleaders, jocks, teachers and janitors.

While the game moves forward, it show flashbacks of Dylan and Eric’s life leading up to Columbine incident that were apparently shown in the media and testimonials made by the people in their life. The game is a just bad… not gameplay or technically wise, just bad for your soul.

4. Operation Pedopriest

This was a new one that I had never heard of before the creation of this list and I kinda wish I hadn’t. It is really disgusting. You play as a priest trying to molest children while staying undercover from the media. Yep. This game was so offensive that it was banned from certain countries for obvious reasons.

The game was apparently made by the flash game site “Molleindustria” to show the true light of the catholic church after all the sexual abuse cases. I guess I can kind of understand where the creators were coming from, but they could have done something a little less, you know, disgusting.

3. Battle Raper

Have you ever played a game where you felt like the police were going to break down your door just for simply playing it? Well, here’s Battle Raper. This is a Japanese fighting game where you fight women in subways, alleyways, etc., and after doing enough damage, their clothes start to tear off.

After you defeat the poor woman, you can finally scan their naked body and have your way with them. Believe it or not, this game was so popular that it actually warranted a sequel “Battle Raper II” with the exact same mechanics but with a slightly better graphics.

Though Japan has the stigma of being fetishists of abusive sexual situations, I would say that it is still a huge crime for a game like this to be released. Of course this is obviously a case of different cultures clashing, but to a Canadian like me, this game is really disturbing and it earns the number 3 spot on my list.

2. Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide

Check it out, it’s every redneck American’s wet dream, or maybe just Donald Trump's. A game where you do nothing but shoot Islamic people. Seriously, every single level has you play as the all-American hero who has to massacre all the Muslims that appear on the screen. The game isn’t even that much fun to play, it’s tedious, repetitive, childish and all around boring.

The creator of the game, Eric Vaughn, explained that the game was to metaphorically destroy the stereotype depiction of Muslims. How this game gets that message across is really beyond me. Is Mr. Vaughn destroying the depiction of Muslims by dressing a bunch of them up as suicide bombers? The creator quickly took the game down from this website due to harsh backlash and controversy.

Actually now that I think about it, this may be more stereotypical to Americans than Muslims, because it depicts an American man “doing his civic duty” and killing all the brown people he can find. You know, just like any good American does. To be honest, I'm not sure who this offends the most just Muslims, or anyone with a soul.

1. Rapelay

Some of you may not be really surprised that this game made it to my number one spot and I get that. Others might be thinking that I’ve "already put Battle Raper on this list and that game is pretty bad! So what does this game do so much more insultingly?"

Well, Battle Raper was a sort of beat-em-up that had the same mechanics as your usual fighting game. It just so happens you were battling girls to rape them. This game, however, is a raping simulator. Yep, you play as a guy who follows women down subways stations, alleyways, parks and touch them inappropriately until you get them alone and have your way with them.

Oh good god...
Oh good god...

And yes, you get to watch and simulate the entire duration of the rape going on. You get to hear the woman scream in pain, you get to hear her cry and then you get to leave her, broken.

The devs even managed to throw in a storyline where you play as a weird stalker who tries to rape and ruin the lives of a family, which consists of a mother and her two daughters. Why is he doing this? I have no idea and frankly don’t care.

What did you think of these games? Did I forget any? Leave a comment


Which of these games did you find the most insulting or controversial?


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