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For a hard core comic book fan, we know that these heroes are very powerful but the general public doesn't. They just barely scratched their full power.

1: Hawkeye!

What many people consider the most useless avenger is actually much more powerful than most of the others! He single handely was able to take Down the Abomination! I have the comic where it happens! He also has Adamantium tipped arrows, combined with his quick shot and powerful bow, make a deadly foe!

2: Spiderman!

Everyones favorite superhero at one point or another! But what many people don't know is just how powerful he can really be! He is able to take down that fantastic four, lift 10 tons and run over 200 miles per hour! Combined with his spider senses, this makes him a force to be reckoned with!

3: Iron Man!

Yes many people do know that he is very powerful but not how far he can go! His standard Armor was able to lift 75 tons and it has all dem guns! But with prep time he was able to fight The Hulk, Thor, Galactus, and The Unstoppable Phoenix force! (haha! Suck it batman!) He was also fast enough to stop spidermans spider sense! He is also skilled enough to fight captain America! He has earned the title of The Golden Avenger!

4: The Flash!

Yes most comic book fans know that The Flash is one of the most powerful superheroes of all time, but regular people don't. Lots of people don't know he is fast enough to time travel, go trough objects and dimensions, shoot lighting, cause whirl winds, make stuff explode on contact and punch someone with supermans powers into space!

5: Aquaman!

A pretty obvious one. A lot of people think of him as a joke because when he appeared he was ridding a giant seahorse. But he really is a great and powerful Super hero, abiet a bit of a jerk. He is strong enough to flip a speeding truck with his hands, tough enough to have bullets ping off of him, can put superman on his ass, can give an alien that can do anything a stroke! King of Atlantis indeed!


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