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This is the type of film (I will warn you right off the bat) that will have viewers divided right down the middle as to who likes and dislikes it's premise. Since childhood, Dylan and Rebecca have has odd visions and feelings that they are connected in some way. Through some weird form of life, they are able to see the world through each others eyes, feel what the other is feeling, and communicate as if they are just a phone call away. The way they are able to do this remarkable feat is never once explained or even hinted at, which is the main reason this film will not be for everyone. This will explain why I believe this film works on many levels, and some others not so much.

"In Your Eyes" has terrific "chemistry" between Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David, whom are perfectly cast in the leading roles. I place quotations around the word chemistry, because the fact that they are never face to face, you have to buy the fact that they share this incredible connection with one another, or the film will lose you. It does not bother me that the ideal is never explained, but the film could have benefited from a few hints to keep the viewer with an open mind throughout. I was genuinely enthralled from start to finish with this screenplay, as it is charmingly written by Joss Whedon, in probably the most heartfelt thing I have ever seen him pen. The cast, characters, and writing were the big selling point here, and even though there are noticeably low-budget shots, I really admired the cinematography here. The third act will have many mixed feelings from audiences, but I liked how it concluded, even though it does go a little over the top. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed "In Your Eyes," and I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to watch a touching story.


Review By: KJ Proulx


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