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This week Off The Grid teases us with a brand new poster of the cast with the director. The film is set to be released this summer on MCP Network YouTube Channel, but is also planning to have a private theatrical release in Houston, Texas. This will be Malcolm Carter Productions first film of the new year with a fresh new cast and story. Not only will Off The Grid be the first film of the year for the studio, but it will also introduce the cinematic universe Tunnel Vision that will have developing stories connecting with each other. A week ago, the new teaser trailer was released that gave the concept of what the story will be based upon. So far, it seems to grab some attention. If you haven't seen the trailer, the video will be below.

Off The Grid is about four strangers waking up in a unfamiliar area. All four individuals are given cell phones, whenever they answer the first call they are thrown into a situation of crime, mystery and betrayal. Each person has 24 hours to complete the task given to them by the unknown caller or lose their life. Since MCP Network is finally releasing a new film I can not wait to see what they have been cooking up for us. Hopefully this film will give a great ending that will bring on more stories to follow.

Off The Grid - Teaser Trailer #2 with the topic "Follow the rules". Looks like the group will have to make a decision. The new cast seems interesting as well, I can already tell this will be another hit for MCP Network.

Continue to follow MCP Network on their social media platforms to see exclusive updates on the latest news. 2016 seems to be a big year for the studio since they have already announced new installments rolling in for 2017.


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