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Okay... here I go once again. Little outspoken me, with a lot to say.

Vampires....classic interpretation are nocturnal, supernatural dead creatures who feed on the human substance of us humans. Our blood, which is our life essence of all of, yes? Well, have you ever seen in any movie a vampire that sits down at a table eating a cheese burger and fries, or gobbling down a box of donuts?

If Bram Stoker were still alive, he'd be having a complete fit. Come on, writers....get a grip on reality and realism. Sure, it's okay to update a vampire for more modern times but sitting down actually eating is ridiculous. And I don't by it either, that they have trained their bodies to do so. If that's the case, then all they are....are just bloodsucking humans that live forever. Or, are a human cult that thinks they're vampires.

Now, getting on to the part where there are vampire-witches? I such thing! It's impossible! Vampires are supernatural beings and are magical enough in themselves because of their immortality and abilities. Other than that, they CAN NOT cast spells.

Now what really gets me about The Vampire Diaries is....a vampire pregnancy!? Hello!? Their reproductive systems don't work! Their sperm is dead! But the pregnancy isn't even natural! What's up with the whole "witch coven transferring babies into someone elses' belly" thing. Wow. The writers and creators took the epitome of a vampire and totally destroyed the concept.

But at least one thing I can say for that they don't sparkle and have fangs ;)

But there's one thing great about this whole show, is that every single actor on it, brings their fullest potential to the characters. Great casting and acting from everyone!

Vampires are everyone's favorite topic, right? Of course. I mean, hell....they're alluring, sexy, charming, mysterious and down right bad, which everyone can't ignore. Hell, if I ran into a vampire, I know I couldn't resist, haha ;)

Especially if he looked like the gorgeous Damon Salvatore!


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