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In a world where the dead outnumber the living 5,000 to one, and the number of living keeps shrinking while the number of dead keeps growing, you'd think a show based in that world would mirror that trend. You'd think most of the deaths we see on The Walking Dead would involve zombies eating people.

But a little-known fact throws that assumption out the window!

Let's look at all the seasons and their Living Killing the Living (LKL) count and Dead Killing the Living (DKL) count. All info pulled from The Walking Dead death wiki page.

Season 1

Rick, Shane, Lonny and some other LEOs start the series off by gunning down three baddies. That probably doesn't count, but it really doesn't affect the end number, so we'll throw them in there.

LKL: 3

Zombified (or getting ready to be) Wayne Dunlap, Ed Peletier, 13 Atlanta camp folk plus Amy, Jim, and Candace Jenner (even though it happened a while back).

Check out 1:03 — is that how it's gonna look when Negan, Lucille and Glenn meet? Woo!


Edwin Jenner wanted to kill everyone, but ended up only getting himself (suicides count here, I suppose), Vi and Jacqui.

LKL: 6

Looking pretty unbalanced right now? Hold on to your horses (because if you don't, THEY GET EATEN BY WALKERS)!

Season 2

Walkers killed Sophia.

DKL: 19

Shane pretty much killed Otis, the poor bastard.

LKL: 7

Rick got his first kills — Dave and Tony in the bar. Then, Hershel spaghettified Sean.

LKL: 10

Dale got all torn up by a walker.

DKL: 20

Randall gets his neck snapped by Shane, and Shane got his by Rick.

LKL: 12

When the farm got stormed, Jimmy and Patricia became zombie food.

DKL: 22 (just when you think the LKL is gonna catch up!)

Season 3

Big Tiny got bit, but Tomas killed him before he could turn. Then, Rick got Tomas. Fast forward to the helicopter crash (and almost The Guv — uh-oh!) in which Sean and Franklin were killed. Helicopters killing the living don't count. However, Brady counts, since he was shot by The Guv while living, along with six more National Guardsmen. Wilson got it; Lieutenant Welles probably got it, since The Guv had his head as a trophy. Eleven more! Way to go, Governor!

LKL: 23

T-Dog was taken down by walkers.

DKL: 23 (It's A Tie — Sudden Death!)

Andrew was shot in the head in the prison. Lori was killed by Judith (harsh, I know), Crowley got his head chopped off by Michonne, Tim got it while living, Gargulio met his end by Merle, Michonne killed that crazy hermit that just wouldn't stay away from the damn door. Maggie finally gets some action, killing Warren back at Woodbury.

LKL: 30

But then Donna had to go and die from a walker bite.

DKL: 24

During the attack on Woodbury, Daryl and Rick nail five people in the Woodbury army, and Oscar, the guy who killed bad guy Andrew, gets gunned down by a soldier, and Maggie has to put him down before he reanimates. Maggie kills Haley, another one of The Guv's soldiers, and Richard Foster is shot in the head by The Guv before he turned from his bites. Let's not forget about Axel back at the prison, and Maggie shooting yet another soldier.

LKL: 40

Poor hitchhiker :(

DKL: 25

Merle guns down seven (and only wounds one) of the Woodbury army before the Governor finds him, bites his fingers off (ew) and ends his life. Guv kills Milton, too.

LKL: 49

But then Milton bites Andrea, but she kills herself to prevent herself from moving to walkerville.

LKL: 50

Carl gets his first living kill with Jody, much to Hershel's chagrin. Then, the Governor goes nuts, killing about 24 of his own men.

So, Now We're At Twice As Many LKLs As DKLs

Without diving into Season 4 too much, I think you get the drift. With the psycho Governor coming back, Carol killing the two with the flu, the battle at the prison killing about 24 of the baddies including the Governor, plus good guy Hershel, Lizzie killing Mika, Carol killing Lizzie, Rick and crew killing all six of the Claimers, that's about 35 deaths where the living killed the living. The Survivors are getting better at surviving (unless they catch the swine flu), so the LKL count skyrockets while the DKL counts just jumps every now and then.

In Season 5, the Termites kill a LOT of people (piles of skeletons!), then Rick and co. kill the Termites. Plus, lots of deaths at the hospital, including Beth. Tyreese, Aiden and Noah are taken down by walkers, but then Pete kills Reg and Rick kills Pete, Rick kills Carter, Daryl rocket launches eight Saviors and stabs another, and we won't even count the bunker where all the sleeping Saviors died.

One thing is painfully clear: The living kill the living in this world WAY way more than the dead do. It was the dead who were doing most of the killing before, but not now, no way. Especially with Negan coming into the picture.

We're gonna need more digits for that LKL count next season on 'The Walking Dead'


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