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The latest trailer for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) offered so much more but still kept us intrigued until the end. We had been demanding this trailer ever since the Super Bowl spot we got last month and they finally delivered. I decided to take the top 5 most crucial moments from the trailer so if you have already watched the trailer see If your favorite moment made it. If you have not watched the trailer than I suggest you watch it ill provide it below and then read the list.

I know you probably watched that at least 10 times right? Okay so thats out of the way I will give you time to recuperate from the awesomeness you just witness. Are we all better and ready to move on? Awesome lets start of with the first thing that caught my attention and that's Iron Man striking Captain in a cheap shot in my opinion.

Iron Man Sucker Punches Captain America

In fairness to Tony the scene is clearly out of context so we can't be too sure if Tony did in fact sucker punch Steve. It could also be that Stark has realized something that Steve has done which triggers him. I mean looking back at the scene the look on Tony is filled with anger and he suits up like he's ready to take Captain down. The reason I chose to add this scene is because it shows you the state our heroes are in and its clearly not the best of terms.

Black Panther And Bucky Rooftop Brawl

This is easily one of my favorite moments from the trailer because its Bucky who is easily one of my favorite characters. You also have Black Panther who I'm pretty sure will be on the same list as Bucky for me. The two are going at it on a roof and Black Panther is clearly holding nothing back as things get intense. I can't wait to see these two really duke it out because by the looks of the trailer they have a score to settle.

Ant-Man's Flight Courtesy of Hawkeye

When i heard the news that Ant-Man would be returning to the MCU in Captain America Civil War i was thrilled. Ant-Man was a movie that felt completely separate from the Marvel universe and that was good. I was happy to learn we would get a fresh breath of air from somebody like Ant-Man after Age Of Ultron. The scene in question is one that is clearly ripped right out of the comics and i love it for that. We have Ant-Man riding one of Hawkeyes arrows straight into Tony and if that's not amazing than I don't know what is!

Scarlet Witch Overpowering Vision

This is one of those scenes that immediately got to me thinking about it and how it will unfold before our eyes. Scarlet Witch is seen bringing Vision down to the ground with her powers and you could see it was hurting her just as well. The reason could possibly be the fact that they have a special relationship already in the movie. If you're not familiar with their comic book counterparts then you might not know that they actually have a romantic relationship there. I'm pretty sure that this is followed somewhat in the movie so it makes this scene that much more heartbreaking.

Hey Spider-Man!

This is perhaps the most talked about scene in the whole trailer whether its good or bad and it rightfully deserves to be. The scene was totally fine with me and i was digging every single second of it. We have the airport scene that we have seen dozen of times but this time with a twist or should i say web? Tony calls out an unexpected contender in Spider-Man as he snatches Captain's shield from right out of his hands. We then have our friendly neighborhood Spider give a us quick pose before introducing himself to everyone and that's a wrap as the trailer ends.

This trailer really delivered everything I wanted and in my honest opinion it was amazing. These five moments really were the top things I wanted to see in a new trailer and they delivered with it. What were some moments that I should have mentioned that I didn't? Make sure to comment them below and take the survey below!


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