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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Hold on to your tiaras! The Princess Diaries 3 is officially on the cards, as confirmed by original director Garry Marshall and former teen queen, Anne Hathaway. Last time we saw Mia, which was 12(!) years ago, she had been crowned Queen of Genovia and (just) managed to escape an arranged marriage, but a looooot can happen in a decade. What might our less-than-perfect princess be up to now?!

While The Princess Diaries movies may have taken a hiatus, the book collection has continued to grow, with Meg Cabot releasing the 11th installment last year. The Princess Diaries, Volume XI: Royal Wedding is the first novel in the series to be written for adult readers; we've all grown up with Mia and we're ready to see her first foray into marital bliss.

As loyal readers of the books will know, while the first Princess Diaries movie was in keeping with the story, the sequel totally changed course and introduced a brand new love interest played by a young Chris Pine. However, in Cabot's latest novel, Princess Mia is actually engaged to none other than her high school sweetheart, Michael.

So the question on everybody's lips now, of course, is: will the movie stay true to the author's vision and bring Michael back? Will they stick with their own creation, Lord Nicholas? Or will we see Mia swept up in a totally new romance? At this early stage, it's all open for speculation. Here's what we want to see in The Princess Diaries 3.

1. Sex

Yep, I said it. I know it's pretty unlikely if the film is picked up by Disney like the first two but Mia's virginity is a prominent subject in the tenth book and the eleventh seems to hint at a somewhat adventurous sex life with Michael. We're not talking full-on Fifty Shades here, but just a few little hints here and there would definitely help to spice things up.

2. Sass

Mia is renowned for her audacious attitude; she must be the world's most relatable royal. Here's to hoping the Queen of Sassiness proves she's worthy of her title by providing us with more of her epic one-liners.

3. Scandal

In the latest novel, Mia is embroiled in scandal when her father, the Prince of Genovia, is arrested for racing a car in NYC. Her father may be deceased in the movies but that leaves plenty of scope for Mia herself to cause a good royal fuck-up. With the whole world watching, how would she redeem herself?

4. Competition for the throne

The latest novel also reveals that Mia's dad fathered an illegitimate child named Olivia Grace. It will be tiaras at dawn if she turns up at the palace. Can anyone else see a cat fight on the cards?

5. Fat Louie ruling over the animal kingdom

A Princess Diaries movie wouldn't be a Princess Diaries movie without our favorite fat cat, Louie. He definitely needs to be around to help Mia reign over Genovia.

6. Glamorous palace partays

Although we're not sure anything can top the epic mattress slide entrance from the last movie.

7. More musical numbers

Julie Andrews ALWAYS kills it, and now that we know Anne Hathaway can sing too (thanks to Les Mis), it would be pretty damn awesome to see the two of them sing together in royal harmony.

8. Lilly as royal advisor

Queen Mia's reign simply wouldn't be the same without the advice of her dear best friend — and who doesn't love Lilly? She's upfront, unnerving and totally unapologetic, and we can't get enough of her attitude.

9. More Disney cameos!

A plus point of the last movie being produced by Disney was of course the opportunity for a cheeky cameo. Raven-Symoné rocked it last time around as Princess Asana; could Miley be next to make a royal appearance?

10. Clarisse and Joe living happily ever after

Okay, not only is Clarisse's new groom a badass security guard, his advice is always on point, and Clarisse herself? Well, where do you think Mia got her sass from?! An appearance from these two is an absolute must.

Of course, due to Anne Hathaway being very pregnant right now, we're going to have to wait a while before all of our Princess Diaries dreams come true. But I think it's safe to say, we'll be counting down the days 'til then!

Here's a classic scene from the last movie to get you all excited:

What do you want to see in 'The Princess Diaries 3'?


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