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Now, while civil war may only now be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (in Captain America: Civil War, appropriately enough), Marvel's comic books own civil war is now over 10 years old — and about to spawn a sequel.

Yes, that's right, Civil War II is coming to Marvel comic books, and from what we've heard thus far, it seems it will hinge upon the emergence of a super-powered individual capable of seeing into the future, enabling our heroes to find out about crimes and villainous plots that haven't happened yet, and to stop them before they even begin.

No word yet on whether Tom Cruise will appear.
No word yet on whether Tom Cruise will appear.

Taking the side of Tom Cruise at the beginning of Minority Report is Captain Marvel, who is very much in favor of saving as many lives as possible, no matter the cost. Taking the side of Tom Cruise at the end of Minority Report, meanwhile, is Iron Man, who maintains that punishment can't come before the crime. In other words, it's the classic match up of determinism versus free will, only with more superheroes punching one another.

What we didn't know, however, was just who would end up being on each side. Until now, that is:

We Finally Know The 'Civil War II' Teams - And They're Not What You'd Expect

Indeed, as these newly released images confirm, the event looks set to pit even more classic Marvel pairings against one another than the previous Civil War.

Team Iron Man, for instance, looks a little something like this:

With, from the looks of it, Deadpool, The Hulk, Luke Cage, Miss America, Daredevil, Black Widow, Captain America: Sam Wilson, Hercules, Black Panther, Thor, and Star-Lord all helping Tony out on his crusade to protect the future. What's more, with Sam "formerly the Falcon" Wilson on board, it looks as though Cap and Iron Man are going to get to feature on the same team this time out. Which is nice.

Team Captain Marvel, On The Other Hand?

We're talking Spectrum, Winter Soldier, Blue Marvel, Medusa, Vision, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and War Machine.

And yes, that's Steve Rogers's Captain America.

So, far from reducing the "Cap vs. Iron Man" stakes for round two, it seems that Civil War II is doubling down, pitting Captain America against Iron Man — and Captain America. With War Machine also set to face down Iron Man, and Hawkeye and Black Widow surely set to square off, there's a whole lot here for fans of the MCU to get excited for — to say nothing of the fact that comic book fans are going to get to watch Iron Man and Luke Cage team up after a very antagonistic Civil War I (as it will now I guess have to be called), as well as see Captain Marvel headline a major event for the first time.

In other words? It's officially time to get over excited for superhero internecine squabbling, with Captain America: Civil War set to arrive in May, and Civil War II hitting stands from June on.

What do you think, though?


Whose side are you on this time?



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