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Since Disney changed our lives forever back in 1937 with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, fans all over the world have been churning out brilliant observations about some of their favorite movies.

Here are some about the House of Mouse that I bet you wish had crossed your mind earlier:

1. If 'Aladdin' has been released today for the first time, it would have been considered incredibly controversial

Not only because of the focus is on an Arab Disney princess, but also that Aladdin and Abu are repeatedly referred to as 'infidels.' That fact alone would have probably rubbed some people up the wrong way! [source]

2. It must have really been true love if Prince Philip wanted to kiss Sleeping Beauty

After all, not washing or brushing your teeth for all those years is hardly going to be a turn on. Just think of that morning breath — gross!


3. Most of Disney's queens are evil

This must make many Disney princesses secret psychopaths who just haven't unleashed their inner evil yet. [source]

4. If thousands of years into the future archeologists dig up Disney World, they might assume it was some strange mouse-worshipping cult

You've got to admit, it's all very bizarre if you think about it. [source]

5. Someday people will talk about how 'Star Wars' wasn't actually created by Disney but by some guy called George Lucas

Just imagine the mind-fuck! [source]

6. Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' swims round fully naked wearing shells for a bra, and her dad is totes fine with that

He's also basically nude, except for his hat. By human standards, anyone else see a problem with that? [source]

7. If Joy and Sadness rode Space Mountain, it would be a rollercoaster of emotions

;) [source]

Have you ever had any Disney ?


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