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Genevieve Van Voorhis

Horror movie villains are often only figments of our demented imaginations, but the Norwegian film 'The Wave' proves that the scariest nemesis of all is the earth itself.

Kristoffer Joner plays Kristian, a geologist in a beautiful Norwegian town that must survive a massive tsunami and then try to put his family back together while nature conspires against them all.

Setting The Scene

Welcome to Geiranger: an idyllic Norwegian town, where it looks like nothing that unusual ever happens. Until...

Natural Disaster Warning

Cue the harsh sirens and general aura of panic. An avalanche is coming, and it's going to trigger an 80-ft wave that's going to crash over everything in its path.

Families Torn Apart

The protagonist is isolated with his young daughter, and he must find his wife and older daughter after the tsunami settles.

Will you be watching 'The Wave' to find out how the story ends?


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