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Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars may have ended this week, but that doesn't mean the drama will be over for long! Creator of the series I. Marlene King recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and revealed all sorts of tasty tidbits about the new Big Bad and how the upcoming Season 7 may be the "beginning of the end" for the beloved series.

Now that “AD” has been unmasked as Mary Drake, the twin of Alison DiLaurentis' mom, what can we expect from Season 7, and will it be concerned with "Uber A's" storyline coming to an end? King explained:

"We have the beauty of one season — a relatively short amount of time — to complete this story, which allows us to go gangbusters in terms of pacing. And there is still a lot of story to tell, so it’s going to unfold and unravel more quickly than we’ve ever told a story before. Which as storytellers, we love the ability to speed up the story. The finale really was explosive, and it launches the beginning of the end of PLL as we know it."

The end of PLL as we know it?! Sounds a little ominous, right? So what exactly is the plan for the future of the series -- after all, many of the cast and crew have speculated that the series will end after Season 7 -- King said:

"We’re thinking right now about going out with a bang and ending this storyline in a way that is satisfying for everyone who works here, everyone who watches. That’s my immediate goal. And that’s all I’m 100 percent focused on right now."

Hmm, that definitely sounds like perhaps the show is preparing for an amazing season that could not only end a season, but also a series — what do you think?

Do you think Season 7 will be the last season of 'Pretty Little Liars'?

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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