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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Actress? Or mermaid?! Modern Family's Ariel Winter has taken inspiration from her Disney namesake and dyed her hair a stunning shade of deep red. Check out her new look in this cheeky video she posted to Instagram last week, captioned:

I'm now a !

Since the big reveal, Ariel has posted plenty of selfies showing how happy she is with her new style.

The teen star has lightened up her signature dark locks just in time for spring, and why not?! Having just wrapped Season 7 of Modern Family, she is totally free from her role as sassy Alex Dunphy to do whatever she likes. She let us all know in another Instagram post:

The caption reads:

Living life on your terms is my definition of freedom. If you aren’t harming anyone or yourself, there is nothing wrong with it. The bigger message behind this is that you cannot allow yourself to be confined by others’ opinions — don’t be afraid to go for something out of fear of being misinterpreted. You only get ONE life — live it fully. Live it honestly. Live it freely but more importantly.. Just live it.

And this isn't the first time a hiatus from Modern Family has inspired a transformation for Ariel; she has been known to switch up her hair color between seasons in the past, experimenting with blonde, blue and copper in recent years:

Ariel's hair colorist, Ashlee Zakar told Today:

"Ariel is young and fun, and the hair change is all due to her hiatus from 'Modern Family.' Ariel has porcelain skin with dark features, but wanted something more bright and fun. Being that we have been coloring her hair dark for awhile, we were limited on how much we could do without ruining the integrity of the hair, so I wanted to have something more dimensional and vibrant."

What do you think of Ariel's new look?

Source: Today


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