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WARNING: MASSIVE spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' Episode 14 'Twice as Far.' Do not proceed unless you have seen the episode!

After a rather meandering first half of an episode, The Walking Dead showed us just how quickly it can change gear when it produced one of my favorite episodes of Season 6 with Episode 14, "Twice As Far."

After easing us into the episode with some rather domestic scenes in Alexandria, the episode rapidly changed pace in the second half and we were treated to some straight up awesomeness. Of course the episode wasn't without its sad moments, with Alexandria now finding itself without a doctor, following the murder of Dr. Cloyd. However, there were also some totally hilarious moments, including one very ballsy move by Eugene. My usual '5 Things You Might Have Missed' article will be up and ready to read soon, but until then, check out the top 4 "hot damn!" moments from Episode 14 "Twice As Far."

1. That crossbow to the eye!

Denise may have been killed in the TV series, but it was Abraham who died in the comics
Denise may have been killed in the TV series, but it was Abraham who died in the comics

Over the last season I really warmed to the character of Dr. Denise Cloyd. Sure, she was pretty sheltered due to living in Alexandria, but Denise continually showed a willingness to push past her comfort zone, which in this new world is the mark of a good survivor.

However, after saving the life of Carl just a few episodes ago, Denise's own life was taken in Episode 14 when she was stuck straight through the eye with an arrow shot by Dwight. I didn't see it coming, and certainly neither did Denise (sorry, had to make the joke).

For comic readers, Denise's death would have been a rather interesting part of the episode given that she actually died in the exact same way as Abraham in the source material! In Issue 98 of the comic series, Abraham is shot through the eye as he and Eugene walk to the location where Eugene plans to make bullets. The switch was a rather genius move by the writers of this episode, and I know that many of you would have been as surprised as me when Abraham got away unscathed and Denise was the one left dead.

2. Eugene going in for that dick bite

Eugene took after his comic book counterpart with that dick bite!
Eugene took after his comic book counterpart with that dick bite!

The attack on the gang outside Alexandria was pretty unexpected, but I doubt anything in Season 6 will be quite as unexpected as when Eugene turned around and bit Dwight right in the groin. Ouch.

After failing to kill the molten-headed walker back at the bullet making facility, Eugene really had to prove that he was truly at Level 2, and he definitely managed to do that when he sunk his teeth into Dwight's pants and refused to let go.

The moment was straight out of the comics, with Eugene's comic book counterpart using the same technique to take down Dwight when the Saviors briefly capture him (following Abraham's death). I can't say much else, other than that it's a pretty extreme move; but when your life is in danger I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to survive!

3. Daryl getting his crossbow back

Daryl finally reclaimed what was rightfully his
Daryl finally reclaimed what was rightfully his

Let's be honest, this is Daryl's real other half!

After being robbed of his crossbow and his motorcycle in Episode 6, Daryl was finally reunited with his bike in Episode 12, and then his crossbow in Episode 14. It's been a little odd seeing Daryl handling a gun the last few episodes, but now finally balance has been restored.

However, Daryl getting his bow back came at a cost, with him realizing that Denise's death was basically a result of him not killing Dwight and his girlfriend when he had the chance.

By the way, we're definitely going to be seeing a lot more of Dwight and his newly melted face in the future, so stay tuned for his reappearance soon.

4. Carol leaving Alexandria

Carol shocked everyone by leaving
Carol shocked everyone by leaving

And finally, the biggest emotional blow of the whole episode was the devastating loss of Carol. No, she wasn't killed off but she did disappear from Alexandria,

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 15, "East" next Sunday, March 27th on AMC.

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