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It's the oldest rule in Hollywood that old men in movies get their pick of hot young women. And honestly, it's a bit gross. Occasionally, though, we see the age gap reversed: a younger guy + a more experienced lady = the kind of reverse-stereotyping that has the power to make a movie properly memorable.

Let's take a look through a few cheek younger guy, older girl sex scenes that prove that age ain't nothin' but a number.

1. Remember When Amy Schumer Took The Intern Home?

The first rule of any workplace is don't bang the intern. Seems like Trainwreck Amy never got that memo.

Age gap: 12 years — Ezra Miller was 20, Schumer was 32. Bonus points for Ezra's character Donald referring to his pecs as tits.

2. When Joseph Met Julianne...

The Jon of Don Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a porn addict who can't form proper emotional connections, but an encounter with Esther (Julianne Moore) helps him to change his attitude to sex.

Jon also does the dirty with Scarlett Johansson's character, but it's his encounter with Esther that proves more meaningful. The lesson? What you lose in youth, you gain in experience.

Age gap: 20 years — JGL was 31, Moore was 51. And damn, she looked good!

3. Stifler's Mom...

American Pie basically invented the cougar as we know her today, all thanks to Stifler's Mom. For anyone of my generation, Stifler's Mom is both an icon and a byword for forbidden sexual encounter, because you just don't go there with your friend's mother.

Unless she looks like Stifler's Mom, that is.

In the first movie, Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Stifler's Mom have sex on the pool table in Stifler's basement.

Age gap: 19 years — Eddie Kaye Thomas was 17 at the time of filming, and Jennifer Coolidge was 36. He probably thought he'd won the lottery.

4. ...And Stifler's Epic Revenge

What would you do if your supposed best mate rooted your mom? To be honest, you probably wouldn't revenge-bang his mom, but then you're not Stifler.

In American Reunion, Stifler (Seann William Scott) finally avenges Finch's pool table antics with his mom by getting down n' dirty with Finch's mom Rachel. Ah, friendship.

Age gap: 17 years — Rebecca de Mornay was 51 when Reunion was shot, whilst Scott was 34.

5. The Original Mrs. Robinson

We're living in an era of sexual liberation, but back in the '60s the idea of a younger man and an older woman having sex on screen was probably quite taboo, which is partly why The Graduate is such a classic.

In the movie, a recent university graduate (Dustin Hoffman) is drawn into a relationship with Mrs. Robinson, a friend of his father's who goes out of her way to seduce her prey - and she's good. Really good.

"My husband will be back late. He should be gone for several hours."

"Oh my god..."

Age gap: Surprisingly, only 6 years — Dustin Hoffman was 29 (playing 20) whilst Anne Bancroft was 35 (playing older). The chemistry sizzles in this one.

6. Confessions Over A Corpse

In the exquisite Grand Budapest Hotel, Ralph Fiennes' hotel concierge, Monsieur Gustave H, has a very special kind of relationship with his most valued guest, one Madame Céline Villeneuve Desgoffe und Taxis (Tilda Swinton, caked under layers of ageing makeup and prosthetics).

After Madame D's unfortunate death, Gustave H turns up as an unwelcome guest at the reading of her will, where he casually reveals "I go to bed with all my friends," making him the best-dressed player in all of Eastern Europe.

Age gap: 2 years — Fiennes was 50 and Swinton 52, but her character has at least 25 years on his. Hey, he's just providing a service.

7. Adore, A.k.a. Moms Swap Sons

Adore was originally titled Two Mothers, and as that title suggests it's the story of two mothers, Lil and Roz, who each have a teenage son, Ian and Tom. The boys have grown up almost as brothers and the mothers (Naomi Watts and Robin Wright) are the best of friends...

...until Roz seduces Lil's son, Ian, and Tom in turns seduces Lil. If that sounds (A) revenge-y and (B) super-twisted, it actually turns out kind of okay — all four parties manage to overcome to weirdness, and the boys get to go to bed with two extremely beautiful older women. I guess that's what you call a win-win.

Age gap: 17-23 years — Noami Watts was 44 and James Frecheville 21 when Adore shot, whilst Robin Wright was 46 and Xavier Samuel 29.

8. Fantasizing About The Maid

When the Harmon family move to the 'Murder House' of American Horror Story Season 1, they find a gorgeous young maid by the name of Moira awaiting them — only, there's a twist. Women see Moira in her true form — old, looks faded — while men see her as a young, ridiculously hot piece of ass.

Moira (Frances Conroy, in older form) uses this to her advantage to flirt outrageously with Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott), who's already in the naughty step following his affair with a student. It's pretty twisted.

Age gap: Only 8 years, surprisingly — McDermott was 49, Conroy was 57.

9. Buster + Lucille 2

I had to save my personal favourite for last: it's Arrested Development's Buster and Lucille II. The wonderful thing about Buster hooking up with his mother's best friend is that he does purely as an act of rebellion. Where most people would get a tattoo or move into a crack den, Buster, to prove that he's a normal, functioning adult, starts sleeping with the only other woman he knows who has the same name as his mother.

It's incredibly creepy and incredibly funny.

Age gap: A whole 25 years! Liza Minnelli was 56 in season 1, Tony Hale was 31.

Which age gap encounter is the steamiest?


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