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Hey my name is shaurya.. Well after watching a bunch of tv spots and trailers i came to a theory.. That superman is called in the court not because of metropolise distruction but because of bizzaro!

See we all know that there is a roumor about bizzaro being in the movie we also have some clues like a dark kinda superman standing behind lex in doomsday's trailer,superman kneeling before lex and much more.. So what happens is.. People have accepted superman as their saviour when he saved the earth from zod.. Thats why there was a huge statue of superman because before man of steel nobody in that city knew superman so obviously they built the statue after zod events outta respect for superman.. But batman wasnt ok with that he still saw superman as a threat to humanity..

Do you remember the auction scene when bruce just taunts clark about an alien who can burn the whole place down.. That scene took place after metropolise events and shows that no matter if the world has accepted superman as their saviour but bruce still takes him as a threat.. And hes behind superman to take him down..

Now meanwhile lex is experementing on zod's body to creat a clone of superman and he creats one.. And sends him out for trail.. Causing distruction and as batman has eye on superman he sees bizzaro and goes to take him down without prepareation for first tym.. As we saw those heat vision coming towards batman and batsy posing like the darknight poster..

Between all this a lot of distruction is caused and spoiling the image of superman before citizens of metropolise thats why later that statue got painted as "false god" now the superman is called in the court to be accountable for bizzaro's events. Meanwhile lex manupulating batsy to fight superman where batsy prepare for another battle with his armor and a trap for superman this time.. But as batsy dont wanna 'kill' superman he just wanna show him that superman isn't the one with absolute power and can be taken down by humanity (batsy) he leave superman wounded (with kryptonite given to him by lex) this pisses lex off (if the man wont kill god the devil will do it). So now lex is on a bigger project.. Called doomsday the devil.. Now i dont know if bizzaro is turned into doomsday or there is bizzaro and doomsday fighting the trinity..

You must watch the tv spot named "truth" with this theory in mind and why superman with evil look with red eyes is shown right before senetor says today is the day for truth.. And why the tv spot is named "truth" thats tricky zack..


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