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There's been a lot of talk lately of DC's Legends of Tomorrow getting more characters in the second season. But is this a good or a bad thing? Due to all viewer speculation on the topic and what people actually think are two different things.

The Legends of Tomorrow group is a very elite team run by a time traveller. In this case Rip Hunter. Rip Hunter is working out ways every day on how to take down Vandal Savage in every single possible year he can think of and taking the Legends of Tomorrow on trips of the unexpected years. Seems like a pretty rough schedule especially when you're a hero on the job. This is why it's not a problem if Rip Hunter does decide to recruit more heroes for the show. Then season two wouldn't sound so bad after all because there will be more helpers for the Legends of Tomorrow.

So the question is basically asking if more heroes for the job is a bad thing by adding more. Honestly if there would more characters/heroes in DC's Legends of Tomorrow it would make for better viewing not bad viewing. It would get fans more hyped to see what new character could come next to help the Legends of Tomorrow.

So why do you say this is a bad thing for the show DC? Because to your avid fans out there watching it probably isn't. You'd be doing your company a favour by adding new cast to the show. Look at 'The Flash' and 'Arrow.' They are constantly adding new characters bad or good to the show to make their shows more entertaining and that is why they have good ratings and keep making seasons. This is why adding more character to DC's Legends of Tomorrow wouldn't be a bad thing because it would be making the show's ratings soar.

In the end I think we all know what's best for our Legends of Tomorrow and that is to make the show more entertaining by introducing good/bad characters for a better season. It's not like there's too many already you know what I mean. The show was meant for more characters and by having more characters in different episodes would make for better viewing.


Do you think adding more characters to DC's Legend of Tomorrow would make for good or bad viewing?


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