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Nathaniel Rego

For some reason, the NBC series Believe was cancelled 2 years ago after 1 season but its spin-off series Believe: Resurgence shall soon become a mass success on NBC than Believe. It focuses on Bo Bonnie Tate and her son Derek and her husband Samuel. In the end of the series Believe, Bonnie and Will have saved the government agency Orchestra from destruction by Dani.

Set 10 years after the events of the former NBC series, Believe: Resurgence focuses on a pardoned wrongfully convicted man, Will Tate, and his daughter, Bonnie. They and their allies have each been pardoned since the end of the final episode of Believe. However, Bonnie and her family must save mankind from people with powers like Bonnie's who are super-powered terrorists bent on global domination.

Believe: Resurgence re-emerges on NBC soon, starring Jamie Chung, the British boy actor from OUAT and Heroes: Reborn, and Katie Cassidy (Nightmare on Elm St/Monte Carlo/Arrow).


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