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We're taking Mortal Kombat cosplay to the next level - we’re really spicing things up. Get ready to see some of the most insane gender bent Mortal Kombat character cosplay ever.

Mortal Kombat is the gift that keeps on giving – Mortal Kombat X and XL have been super stellar hits with millions of players both new and old stepping into the arena. The latest in the Mortal Kombat series seems to be on a mission to bring all the greatest aspects from previous Mortal Kombat games and modern popular culture and crash them all together in one epic edition of fighting fury. This leads us perfectly into the world of cosplay.

Today we are compiling the best and of course, the most brutal gender swapping Mortal Kombat cosplayers around. This talented bunch have taken their love of cosplay and taken it that one step further. Within the world of pop-culture, there is no segregation – we are who we are and we can be whoever we want to be – these brilliant images that follow represent just that.

Kotal Khan by Yeliz Akyildiz

Scorpion - Yeliz Akyildiz

Kitana by Brian Minor

Scorpion - Bethany Maddock

Smoke by cosplayidol

Baraka by Ravinder Osahn

Predator by Noora Nevalainen

Reptile - GamesnGirls

Scorpion by Bethany Maddock

Quan Chi by fazyluckers

Raiden by Riku-Ryou

Talk about an incredible display. Such an array of talent here to feast your eyes upon – almost makes me want to squeeze into a pair of tight leather pants, extra-extra small vest top including the military shades and parade around like Sonya Blade – although the results may not be as pretty as what you have seen above.

Are you a keen cosplay artist? If so, get your work up on Moviepilot –we love cosplay and would love to see your work. What was your favourite gender swap character in this list?


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