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The Los Angeles Times reported that executive producers Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg are being accused of stealing the idea for their HBO comedy show Ballers (2015-). The claims are being made by screenwriters Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton, who are seeking a $200 million lawsuit for damages.

The screenwriters claim that Ballers borrows heavily from their own unsuccessful show - Off Season (2007) and that they even pitched their ideas to The Rock and Wahlberg:

The stories, character traits, scenes, and incidents portrayed in the two works, Ballers and Off Season, are, in many respects, virtually identical and strikingly similar. These substantially similar elements, coupled with the defendants' direct access to the materials, leaves little doubt that numerous elements of 'Ballers' were copied from Off Season.

Additionally, the lawsuit is also aimed at the creator of Ballers, Stephen Levinson, as well as everyone who has been involved in the production of the show. However, a HBO spokesperson told Deadline that they are confident that the lawsuit "has no merit," so it seems that the creators and producers of the show are unfazed by the accusatory claims.

Ballers has been described by critics as "an NFL version of Entourage" and has been renewed by HBO for a second season.

Source: The Los Angeles Times


Are Everette Silas' and Sherri Littleton's accusation claims towards The Rock and Mark Wahlberg justified?


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