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I don't know if you saw the latest X-men trailer, but I know I almost wet my self watching it. It looks glorious and if you thought Days of Future Past was amazing, to discribe this one, your gonna have to go to another universe to discover a word good enough to describe such amazingness. Here it is for you to watch and rewatch . . .

As we know, every great movie coming out get's awesome Empire Magazine Covers, wich shows new images of the sets or even the movie itself and shares a lot of spoilers. And this month it's the X-men month, after Captain America: Civil War last month.

They made 9 different covers, so make sure you find them all in stores.

Kodi Smit-McPhee, a great actor, mostly known for Let me In, The Road and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, is the beloved Nightcrawler, wich was last seen in X-men 2, but as we know since Days of Future Past, those movies we're pretty mutch obliviated from this universe.

Sophie Turner, mostly known for Game of Thrones plays Jean Grey, Scott Summers love interest and as we know she is also alive in the future now.

James McAvoy, plays Professor Xavier once again, and finally he is bald, and has completely embrassed his powers, and started he's school.

Olivia Munn known for Deliver Us From Evil, Rose Byrne, known for Neighbours play Psylocke and Moira MacTaggert. Psylocke is the new addiction to the series and I am so happy that she finally joins the movies, because she was one of my favorite characters in the comics.

Michael Fassbender, mostly known for Shame and the X-men saga, plays once again Magneto, and in this movie it seems like he want's to be a problem to the X-men once more.

Jennifer Lawrence, mostly known for every movie she does since Silver Linings Playbook, plays Mystique once again, and Evan Peters known for Kick-ass plays once again Quicksilver.

Quicksilver made one of the most awesome scenes in a superhero movie in Days of Future Past if you can recall:

Alexandra Shipp mostly known for House of Anubis and Ben Hardy mostly known for EastEnders, play Storm and Angel, both seen in previous X-men films, but now they are on the other side of good and evil.

Oscar Isaacs, known especially for Ex-Machina and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, plays the villain Apocalypse. This godlike mutant is very different from the comics and not as awesome as he could have been, but still he is so Badass that fits perfectly anyway.

Tye Sheridan, great, GREAT actor, fantastic in the movie Joe with Nicolas Cage, and many other movies, plays young Scott Summers and Nicholas Hoult, mostly known for Warm Bodies and the previous X-men movies, plays Beast once again.

I still can't take this beast serious, I don't know why. I like Nicholas, but him as beast isn't as cool as in X-men 3. Again just my opinion, and it doesn't make any diference to the movie if he looks cool or not.

Now, as you should know, when Empire Magazine releases multiple covers many of them are connected to each other. Here's how they go:


Fantastic . . .

Here it is, everything you need to know about the movie is in the magazine, you just have to buy it. Now tell me, wich one is your favorite cover?


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