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As a regular Tumblr user, I know girl power is important and equality is key! I've watched countless arguments back and forth about the inequality of female to male ratios in TV shows and films, and it is indeed a pressing problem that is slowly being addressed as we enter a new age of understanding.

Now what really gets my kettle boiling is that Tumblr goes absolutely bonkers when girl power isn't addressed and cry out for a TV series or a Movie with strong, independent female lead roles and when they get one…where’s the damn support? Nowhere to be seen, that’s where!

Let’s talk about Agent Carter for example, it follows a British single lady living in post-war 1940’s America who’s made her way in to the SSR as an agent straight from the army (which we all know was a very tough thing to do in the 1940’s, with women’s oppression and all that jazz so credit to the damn lady, there’s a beautiful, admirable lead role right there!).

Originally, the first season of Agent Carter brought in 6.91 million viewers in the U.S. alone, but over time that number steadily declined all the way up to season two. Now here is my problem, Agent Peggy Carter is not the only female lead role, this show is essentially about girl power! And although there is a considerable amount of male roles too (come on people, it’s the bloody 1940’s it can’t all be girl power, let’s be realistic) females still hold power over the entire show, let us evaluate:

Agent Peggy Carter: Lead role, is actually subjected to oppression throughout the entire show (and deals with it like a badass), she takes matters in to her own hands and fixes cases all by herself without the need of a male to assist her (apart from Jarvis, who drives a car and most of the time, keeps us entertained with his hilarity and witty ways, this man is adorable, follows Peggy’s orders and acts independently when he feels fit, you can fight me on that topic!)

Rose Roberts, she works as an SSR employee who basically keeps watch over the entire precinct, when threatened she shows some executable fighting skills which keeps her more than qualified to watch over the front and keep everyone upstairs safe! She is also a total badass and actually becomes appointed as the chief’s unofficial right-hand lady when Sousa becomes head of the LA precinct. She’s adorable, friendly and if you tried to fight her she would undoubtedly win, what a beautiful role model?!

Ana Jarvis is Mr. Jarvis’ wife and she is downright adorable, she’s very much in tune with Jarvis and his line of work – I mean if she’s lived in some of the houses Howard Stark owns, she’s bound to know about most of the things occurring around her – she is a very strong willed woman, when she knows her husband is lying to her, she conducts her own research and asks when she feels necessary, she can pretty much take whatever you throw at her, she took it like a damn champ when she was told she couldn't have children, she is also incredibly understanding of Edwin’s secrets, most relationships would be devastated by the lying he tried to do to protect her.

Angie Martinelli is your average 40’s working girl, she’s trying to break out as an actress and although it gets to her sometimes, she continues to power on and try out for as many roles as she can! She is also always there for Peggy when needed, this girl just does not let things get her down, even living in a house full of esteemed women with strict rules! She’s the one who offers Peggy a place to live after the incident with her old room mate and uses her acting skills to get Peggy out of serious trouble! What a boss!

Violet – although a short lived role – is a 1940’s nurse who becomes Sousa’s fiancé in the second season, being a nurse is hard, being a nurse with a fiancé whose clearly in love with another woman yet doesn't turn down a patient (Peggy) when they’re in need, now that is true strength and admiration right there! She takes it on the chin like a beast and moves on, that’s the last we see of her!

Dottie Underwood although as a character is detestable for her general being is an amazing example of character strength – even if it’s not for a good reason – this woman was orphaned as a child and raised as a super assassin, this lady is damn sexy and damn deadly, she’s essentially the 1940’s version of Black Widow, she can handle any situation and pain doesn't seem to faze her, (until she is choked by black matter at the hands of another powerful lady) when faced with literal torture devices, she mocks the torturer, I mean what fearlessness!

Whitney Frost is the true essence of badassery because my goodness, I can’t hate this woman no matter what I do, I get that she’s an antagonist but instead of feeling hatred for her doing some of the thing’s she’s done, I feel quite sorry for her – especially towards the end! As a child we see her fix a radio with her bare hands, as a teen we watch her create some sort of scientific genius whilst her mother belittles her intelligence and tells her that her face is the only thing that’s going to get her anywhere! Although she does become an actress, it is only to hide behind the mask of fame where she can produce scientific advancements and genius ideas without judgement or shame, this doesn't seem good so far in terms of being an admirable woman but hear me out. Once she’s struck with anti-matter (which I'm assuming to be venom, which we know alters brain function and makes it’s host more violent than usual) she becomes hungry for more power, she eliminates anyone in her way – quite literally – whilst conducting experiments on rats and other things to test her powers true potential, she then takes over the god damn council and becomes a huge power house herself. She may be evil, but this lady is a prime example of a woman taking charge, what more could you ask for?

So here’s my problem…where’s the support this amazing, detailed show deserves? Why did the viewings drastically drop from 6.91 Million in the U.S. alone to a measly 2.35 Million? What the hell happened, was it too good for you people, were the female roles too prominent, did they make too much of an amazing show, could you not handle it? I don’t understand, so please explain, because what I'm getting is this:

• People ask for a TV show/movie with strong female leads

• We get exactly that in the form of Agent Carter, along with a good storyline and plot developments that keep viewers on their toes

• Viewers see it, agree it’s good then continue not to watch it?

If you haven’t watched Agent Carter yet, please consider it because there’s a good chance with the little amount of numbers, they won’t renew it for a third season and that is ridiculous! This show deserves way more credit than it’s getting! Could someone explain to me why it wasn't being watched because it should be something people go crazy for, especially Tumblr, what’s your opinion?


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