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Nicholas Kuhlman

While many people will contest to the idea of you can never have too much of a good thing is actually never a good thing, one thing that we can all agree on is that you can never have too many superhero shows available on television. Unlike all the police procedurals, medical dramas, and family dynamic comedies, which seem to recycle the same material after a couple of seasons, it is almost a fact that comic based shows can never decay into such a state since there is so much ample material to be used, and being humans we are always on the hunt for the next exciting attraction. Since Smallville’s decade spanning run, we have seen the rise of the Green Arrow, the Flash, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones, with many more promised for the future, and with all the excitement being built up around Daredevil season two, and everything Marvel and DC are planning for the future, it just couldn’t be help to interject our own ideas and hope that one day they become a television reality. Today we have six superheroes who would make great additions to any television line up, whether it be network cable, or streaming services like Netflix. To be fair we have chosen three characters from marvel and three from DC to even things out.

The Supernatural Adventures of Constantine

Yes, no more than a year ago we saw the television adaption of Constantine get the boot from the CW’s Friday night lineup, and ultimately cancelled after only an eight episode run. To be honest though, there was nothing exceptional about Constantine, and it only seemed like a mix of recycled otherworldly material from The CW’s Supernatural, which has been running for eleven seasons now, and light hearted superhero adventures that the Flash has been capitalizing on. There is nothing very lighthearted about John Constantine though, and what we need is the dark complex character that he was intended to be. The reason it’s being called “The Supernatural Adventures” is because the intent would be to follow John Constantine along with a score of other supernatural and magical characters in the DC Universe. Zatanna, Deadman, Doctor Fate, and Etrigan the Demon would all be fantastic characters that the show could utilize, and build on to the rumored DC Dark Universe.


Ever since the word Bludhaven was spoken on Arrow, there have been plenty of comic book fans hoping for a Nightwing cameo, but sadly it is unlikely that we will ever see this hero on Arrow, even in a cameo. But then again, why limit Nightwing and all of his potential to one or even a couple episodes of Arrow, wouldn’t it be so much better to see an entire series dedicated to this hero? In his self-titled debut comic in 1996, Nightwing is sent by Batman to the neighboring city of Bludhaven where he discovers a city almost as corrupt as Gotham, with dirty cops, brutal cartels, and dangerous super villains, but with no hero to save it. Nightwing would make a phenomenal addition to television, especially if it was adapted by a network that doesn’t tend to shy away from the dark and grittier themes. Nightwing may be one of the most underrated heroes in the DC Universe, and it might take a spot on television to finally solidify him as one of the standouts in the DC Universe.


Following in the steps of CBS’s breakout hit Supergirl, there would be no better time than the present to introduce one of the lesser known super heroines of the DC Universe. Taking a lighter tone than the previous entries on the list, Stargirl is the alter ego of high school student Courtney Whitmore who becomes a crime fighter after inheriting a cosmic staff from retired superhero, Starman. While she may be young, she is also one of the core members of the Justice League in many incarnations of the team, and has gone head to head with some of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe. Aside from being a more endearing and fun comic book adaption, Stargirl has no limit to the direction it could take. From going the Smallville route, and using the inexperienced hero idea while slowly introducing the rest of the DC Universe as they enter into her life or exploring the character alone and in her entirety, Stargirl would be an attraction for all audiences to enjoy.

Cloak and Dagger

The superhero duo known as Cloak and Dagger are two heroes existing in the Marvel Universe who have yet to see any live action screen time, big or small, even though they are two of the most realistic and fascinating characters. Centering on two runaway teens who meet in New York City, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen become unsuspecting victims of a criminal organization who intend to use them as guinea pigs for the testing a synthetic heroine. The two survive though, and not only come out alive, but with their mutant genes awakened. Together the two teens lead a crusade through Hell’s Kitchen, becoming the night protectors of the streets, and crusaders against drugs. The two heroes would not only fit right in alongside Daredevil and Jessica Jones on the fantastic Marvel Netflix lineup, but would also attract a younger demographic of fans while giving Marvel fans two completely new heroes to become obsessed with.


To many, Spider-Woman might just look like a gender swapped version of Spider-Man, but in reality she has one of the most turbulent stories in the Marvel Universe, with more ups and downs than most heroes can account for. As a young girl Jessica Drew fell gravely ill due to prolonged uranium exposure in her father laboratory, but was saved through injections of an enhanced serum of spider blood, which gave her powers similar to those of Spider-Man. Unlike the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man though, Jessica had no direction, and was recruited by the criminal organization HYDRA, and tasked with destroying S.H.I.E.L.D. Her time as an assassin was short lived though, and she soon transitioned to New York, becoming a bounty hunter of super powered criminals, and eventually a vigilante. Unlike Spider-Man’s big budget adventures, a Spider-Woman adaption could be a toned down adventure, seeing her hunting down wanted super criminals as she slowly becomes a hero in her own right, while simultaneously exploring her complex origins and relationships.

Moon Knight

Another resident of the Marvel Universe, the character known as Moon Knight is a Daredevil-esque vigilante, with a proficient detective skill in the style of Batman, who in all respects is an all-around bad ass. While acting as a mercenary in Egypt, wayward Marine Marc Spector is left for dead, in the sub-zero temperatures of the desert by a fellow mercenary when a group of Egyptian travelers discover him, and bring him to the temple of their god Khonshu. Being resurrected by the god, Marc returns to New York and takes up solving and fighting crime under the alias Moon Knight. With so many superhero shows attempting to either go all out with the action, or trying to preserve their hero with a syndicated and slow moving story, Moon Knight would defy both of these trends by being a violent vigilante, and an intelligent hero at the same time, as well as adding a dirtier and darker layer to the Marvel Universe, which has been presented in the recent Netflix adaptions. Moon Knight may not be known by the masses, but would be a character that you would be hard pressed to forget about after seeing him come alive.


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