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Hold your horses you Red Dead Redemption naysayers — see what I did there? A multitude of details have apparently been leaked to the media via an anonymous email. Red Dead fans better take a deep breath because this s*** is about to get crazy!

A detailed email has been sent to our new friends over at Fraghero. The email contains many a secretive detail surrounding Take-Two’s next Red Dead game. Rumors are rife but it all seems to make perfect sense — have a read and tell me what you believe!

All About The Leak

Confidential details that pertain to Red Dead Redemption 2 have all apparently been leaked via email. Fraghero reports that the email comes from a source that claims to be close to an ex-Rockstar Games employee.

The source states that the game will be titled Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends Of The West and is projected to release August 2017. They go on to suggest that the game has been in development for the last four years. Apparently the team picked up on the sequel just two years after the original.

The sequel is said to feature multiple characters similar to their GTA arrangement and will feature a world far bigger than that of the last.

The email concluded by saying that the official reveal will take place at this year’s E3 convention. That’s just three months away!

Some Thoughts On A 'Red Dead' Sequel

Red Dead looked sublime back in 2010, and if we are honest, aesthetically it doesn’t need that much improvement. But, seeing what the new hardware can produce and what Rockstar has done with the GTA series, it goes to show that you really can improve on perfection.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is likely to be current gen exclusive — unfortunately, the old generation can’t handle the size of our new gaming worlds. The new consoles will allow Take-Two and Rockstar to not only improve the fidelity but will also allow them to cram heaps more content into the game.

More cowboys in the saloons, more tumbleweed in the street, more snakes in my boot — the list is pretty endless in terms of what this new generation of platforms will give Red Dead Redemption.

Of course, this is all just rumor and speculation at the moment, so don’t go getting too excited just yet — but as I say, it does all seem to make sense.

What do you make of the rumors? Are you ready for the next installment in the 'Red Dead' story?


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