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As a person that has played Warcraft from the beginning, I mean back in 1994, I am full of excitement for this movie. Blizzard, the masters of this realm they have created have always made great cinematic trailers for their games. Add in the videos they create for the game to progress the story line for the game, they have in many cases almost made mini-movies. Then there is the World of Warcraft, which expanded this realm into a world where gamers could go in and explore and be part of the world vs always operating in from the top down gods eye of gaming.

News of this movie have revealed that they are being true to this world. You will meet characters from this game. and this is where some spoilers may come, but only if you have played the game.

This new TV spot shows that indeed magic will be part of the story line. Another race was added, did you see the Dwarf bearing the pistol. Yep, expect them to make an appearance. And from the shots, they don't show them, but could we expect elves as well?!?

What makes this TV spot nice, is it does not play to the gamer. The first release was, it really spoke to the WOW player, and those that have played all the games up to WOW as well. But this new spot shows that no, CGI is not used on everything. Just last week, shots of real sets was released. Sure CGI is needed. I don't know many actors that can pass as an ORC with just a little makeup. Well maybe Gary Busey...but digress.

Theres ORC's? Wait What?:

For those who have never touched the games, this movie will feel like someone is trying to copy lord of the rings. Truth be told, the term ORC was pulled from those books by a million fantasy writers, a long long time ago, and the term has become so common, who really owns it? They are in the WarHammer 40,000 Games as well, so it is not a unique thing for the term ORC to be used. Just an FYI.

While I wait for this movie, and for the grandness that Blizzard puts into their videos to become a full length movie, there are some questions?

-Can is be as good as those cinematic trailers for their games?

-Will CGI just be over used? Or used just enough? (Hobbit felt like I was watching a game with out the controller in hand...)

-Will the characters be profound enough, to justify another movie, because as all of who of played the games, the story goes way beyond this.

Time will tell, hope you are excited to!


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