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It's all about the love and safety of Peter Parker's city of New York. Peter Parker has been able to save the day on countless occasions due to his non-stop dedication as Spider-Man — he dons the suit to save the city. These are all of Spider-Man's powers, abilities and advantages.


Web Shooters
These web shooters were originally designed so that Peter Parker could use self-defense to take down the bad guy. In some issues, it would take an ordinary man much more pressure to depress the levers on the shooters to activate the web. The shooters are used for more than just webbing:

  • Webbing
  • Stinging darts
  • Impact webbing (explodes on contact)
  • Radio frequencies

Spider-Man created a way to up his game with the bad guys by using webs. Later in the comics, Peter Parker developed a way for the webs to be organic.

  • Quick travel
  • Tie-up enemies
  • Catch falling victims

Spider Tracers
Used to track enemies and look through the city.

Created with Dr. Octavius, these Spider-Bots can do a number of great things:

  • Create force fields
  • Surveillance
  • Fight larger enemies
  • Display holograms

Created as part of an agreement with a toy company, Marvel wrote in the Spider-Mobile to help boost toy sales. The Spider-Mobile has unique abilities too:

  • Web shooters
  • Spider signal
Utility Belt
  • Holds extra web cartridges
  • Holds his camera
  • Holds the spider-signal light

Spider-Man's many suits

  • Spider-Man creates different suits for different enemies to face against their powers. For example, he used an insulated suit to defeat Electro.
  • His new suit is almost indestructible and has Stark technology built into it.


Enhanced Physiology
After the spider bite, Peter Parker's senses, health, and overall function increased tenfold, including:

  • Quick healing
  • Perfect vision
  • Accelerated metabolism (decreases the effects of drugs and toxins)
  • Able to lift 25 tons
  • Tough skin

Wall Crawling
Spider-Man can crawl using his hands, feet, and even his back.

Super Reflexes
Very easy for him to dodge attacks and fight enemies.


  • Alerts him of danger
  • Allows him to view his surrounding
  • Detects radio frequencies
  • Can be used to direct him through the city


  • Acrobatic abilities
  • Uses the surroundings as weapons
  • Stealth
  • Quick and agile movements

Unique Abilities

Scientific Knowledge

  • Before becoming Spider-Man, Peter Parker already possessed advanced scientific knowledge
  • Boasts an IQ of 250

Spider-Man has to live with his powers no matter what. These are the different mutation he has taken:

  • Man Spider
  • Spider-Morphosis

Mutations of the spider was also in characters such as:

  • Spider-Lizard
  • Spider-Hulk

Arthropod Communication

  • Can communicate with spiders, and insects.

Spider Physical Properties

  • Fangs
  • Stingers

Night Vision

  • He can see in the dark

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