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With only a week to go until Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice finally hits theaters, we're nearing the tail end of Warner Bros. and DC's promotional campaign. I don't know about you guys, but it's felt like a veritable lifetime since the movie first started releasing images. Now that it's right around the corner, every little piece of advertising is fuel for excitement.

This new TV spot featuring Batman's mission is no different. The snippet is mostly a recut of footage we've already seen, but it still paints a picture of the brutal battle between the Man Of Steel and the Dark Knight that we can expect.

Batman Is Not Going Down Easy

And it's likely that he won't go down at all. Obviously, Ben Affleck's Batman is receiving major attention in all the marketing, but the sight of his fully armored suit taking on Superman never gets old.

While we're not seeing anything too revelatory, I'm pretty thrilled by the fact we still have so many unknowns to be revealed when the movie comes out.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice swoops into theaters on March 25!


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