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Well, it seems that they really will always be there for you. While Matthew Perry may have squashed all hopes of an official Friends reunion, there is an unofficial one in the cards. Friends uber-fan Eli Golden has written and directed a stage musical entitled Friends: The One Where They All Sing, and it is coming very soon!

Focusing on the show’s first season, The One Where They All Sing follows the aftermath of Rachel Green fleeing her own wedding and regrouping with high school friend Monica Geller. It's a 90 minute parody show where you can even BYOB — what could be better?

We are promised Gunther, Janice, Marcel the monkey, and even a rendition of "Smelly Cat" — let's just hope the cast can stay in tune (sorry Phoebe). For those still not convinced, Eli Golden reassures us that Friends is in safe hands:

"'Friend's is that show I watch every night before I go to bed, so naturally, it means a lot to me...I am a huge lover of musicals and really wanted to tell a great story while staying true to the source material. This is a musical for fans by the fans, both of Friends and musicals in general."

Five moments we want to see from Season 1

1. Phoebe finds a thumb in a can of soda and gets $7,000 compensation - The One With The Thumb: S1E3

2. Is Chandler Gay? "If I wanted to get a Brian, I could get a Brian. Hey Brian!" - The One Where Nana Dies Twice: S1E8

3. "Chandler Bing, it's time to see your thing." The group accidentally spy on each other in the shower - The One With The Boobies: S1E13

4. "Hi. I'm Mo- ...nana." The girls meet a more fun Monica Geller - The One With Fake Monica: S1E21

5. We meet baby Ben - The One With The Birth: S1E23

While none of the original cast are back in it, or in fact any famous faces, the rumors of a Friends musical have been doing the rounds for years. Back in 2014 a Jennifer Aniston source told Radar Online that Glee's Lea Michelle would be her No.1 choice to play Rachel Green in a Broadway adaptation:

"Jen has told friends that Glee singing powerhouse Lea Michele would make the perfect Rachel in this project, and it simply becomes a matter of convincing Jen’s good friend, Warner Bros. executive Peter Roth, of the viability of the idea."

If it weren't for the plane ride I would be there front and center, cheesecake spoon and poking device at the ready. If you do plan on going, get your tickets fast, Friends: The One Where They All Sing, has a limited run at MCL Chicago from June 10 – July 29. Head to the official/unofficial website to find out more!

What do you think of a 'Friends' musical? Sound off below.


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