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As the 2016 MLB season approaches, I can't help myself but being excited to see what will the baseball players do this year to get me screaming at the top of my lungs. Weather it's of joy for my team (yay Yankees!) or out of frustration because it's against them. One player that I'm really looking forward to watch is not other than The 2015 American League MVP. Toronto Blue Jays's Third baseman Josh Donaldson aka Bringer Of The Rain.

Donaldson hit 41 Homers during the 2015 season.

And looking at that sweet leg kick I don't really wonder why.

Foul Ball? Not on Donaldson's watch!

He scored 122 Runs during the 2015 season, and they were not all homers!

But he was really good at hitting long balls too!.

This is how you flip it after being walk 73 times in a single season! (Learning from Joey Bats, perhaps?)

He also has a cannon for an arm! ( Talk about complete athlete)

Yup! he got the power!

And that may be just a couple of reasons why he is the cover of MLB The Show 2016

CONGRATULATIONS JOSH! You deserve it, I hope that you have another MVP season!


Do you think that Josh Donaldson Can win back to back MVP?


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