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Netflix will come up with a plan to allow users to stream without worrying about data caps

Netflix Inc. provides excellent online video content services to almost 75 million streaming subscribers on board. The company has expanded its global footprints in 190 countries now to become the global TV network and the sole dominator of the industry. But with the global expansion and being everywhere come great problems as well. Netflix is present in some areas where internet facility is not that common which is a problem for the viewers as well as the company. Apart from this, the internet is expensive in other areas which force the viewers to not use it.

Regardless of this, the streaming giant tries to come up with solutions which would make accessing Netflix easier in such areas and regions. In countries where internet is expensive, Netflix is either planning to lower its subscription fees or collaborate with the internet services to make a better plan. On the other hand, regions where internet is expensive as well as data is capped is another big issue which is a huge road block in Netflix’s growth in such areas.

This is one issue which users are currently facing but that is not it. As the streaming service provider allows its users to streaming anywhere on any platform, the mobile and smartphone users in most areas are unable to get the most out of Netflix’s services due to cellular data caps.

According to BGR, if a viewer wishes to stream online movies and TV shows on their cellular data, the first thing they will be worried about is data caps. But that is not an issue for T-Mobile users. The T-Mobile Binge On Program is most preferred and opted program for the postpaid customers. This allows the Netflix users to stream Netflix and other streaming services as much as they want but they might have to compromise on the video quality. Getting unlimited access on cellular data would not hurt any user even if it is reducing the quality.

So far, there is no other carrier service which is providing the same plan and program in the market to rival T-Mobile and it seems such plan would not be coming from any other service any time soon. But sources suggest that the streaming giant is likely to take matter into its own hands to further make it convenient for its massive customer base.

However the plan that Netflix itself would come up with might not offer the same ‘unlimited’ streaming for its customers as the Binge On does but reportedly it is running a pilot test on a feature which will allow customers to stream while compromising on the video quality so that the data is consumed less.


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