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Jay Dee

"Meet Me There" (2015)

Plot: After several years of sexual dysfunction, Ada and her boyfriend, Calvin travel to her hometown in rural Oklahoma in hopes of piecing together her fragmented childhood memories. They find their answers, but can they find their way back home?

Jay's Take: This trippy little indie film is probably not for everyone but, for a very low budget, it's decent. The 1st scene alone will absolutely blow your mind. Unfortunately, the film changes after that and we're given two very realistic, not so great actors, caught in a progressively more screwed up and totally diluted Scooby Doo mystery meth town.

There's some humor mixed in and a few interesting ideas are brushed over, Gold Dust the WWE wrestler makes an appearance and ultimately the movie grinds to a convoluted halt. Still,'s an ok effort ..but man, ..the promise of that first scene really lets you down

Maybe if you're bored, 5.1 out of 10 for me.


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