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Nathaniel Rego

Independence Day Resurgence actress Maika Monroe plays and voices a female Triceraton warrior in the upcoming sequel to TMNT 1 and 2 titled TMNT 3. She's been in other movies like Abduction and It Follows.

Besides saving the world from aliens in Independence Day Resurgence she team up with The Turtles as a rogue yet heroic Triceraton warrior named Zana against the Triceraton Empire.

In TMNT 3, the Turtles have defeated for good Shredder and the Kraang but their victory is short lived when prior to their last defeat, the late Kraang have sent out a distress signal to their ally The Triceraton Empire who intend to destroy the earth. The Turtles, April, KC, and a Triceraton warrior must stop the end of the world by defeating the dinosaur like aliens forever.

Watch Monroe save the world in TMNT 3 as well in theatres 2018.


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