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The '90's was by far the best time for Sitcoms, if you disagree I strongly suggest you go back an catch up on some of the shows you've most definitely missed out on. Not only are they written much better than some of the crap that is on our Television today, but, they have characters that actually work within the story arc. A lot of Sitcoms that started post 2000 in my opinion are just drivel, they play on shock comedy or sexual innuendos, that's not to say the Sitcoms of the '90's didn't. They just done it in a way that they used proper jokes as well, more intellectual jokes that don't play on the prepubescent, immature mind we all grew out of. I personally am a sucker for Sitcoms though, I must have watch 100s of seasons of countless shows, going back as far as "On The Buses" from the late 1960's in England up to present shows like "New Girl" which started in 2010. Probably the best thing about Sitcoms is that you can always related to the characters in your every day life, you see things happen to them an think to yourself "that would definitely happen to me" or "I can imagine that happening to such an such a person".

Some people might even ask "Do Sitcoms even matter anymore?" before the days of the "Friends" cast getting paid millions for a single episode. Back in the '90's people planned their days around when Sitcoms were on Television, people these days only seem to care about the more Dramatic Television shows like "Sons Of Anarchy" or "Dexter". I am in no way saying that these shows aren't good, but it's the fans of these shows that are killing of the love of Sitcoms in the modern era. Still there is something to be said about the love of a good Sitcom, Sitcoms in general seem to get renewed even with lower audiences than the "big show stoppers".

Take a look at "How I Met Your Mother" that show has been chewed up an spit out by countless viewers, but they have recently been renewed for a ninth season. I mean come on can you imagine the likes of the bigger Drama shows being renewed if you waited 8 years for the one piece of information that actually mattered to be revealed. Like the genre it represents "How I Met Your Mother" is far past its prime, the writing is failing, the jokes aren't funny, nothing new sees to happen and it has all became predictable. Even the performance of the actors has slipped in recent years, it feels like they have just became comfortable in their roles an they are just doing it for the paycheck. Yet people still keep watching it, myself personally have been watching HIMYM since October 2008 when it aired for one night on BBC 2 in the UK. I will probably watch the ninth an final season to, just for sentimental reasons if anything I have genuinely given up caring the mother actually is at this point.

And obviously I have to mention "The Simpsons", which personally I don't consider a Sitcom but a lot of people do. I do love "The Simpsons" though, I have watched it for as long as I can remember Sundays at 6pm on Sky One, me, my brother an my Dad (if not working) would all sit down an watch it together.

5 - "Fraiser"

"Frasier" one of the most successful spin-offs in Television history without a doubt, easily the best Sitcom spin-off ever. It may have started off life as a hopeful spin-off from the incredibly popular "Cheers", but "Frasier" turned out to be as successful as "Cheers" some people would even say more so. Towards the end the show lacked the comedic flair previous seasons had but what do you expect after 11 seasons, plus another 11 seasons of "Cheers" had used ideas that would have been used by "Frasier" writers. The humour used in "Frasier" is a lot more intellectual than most other Sitcoms due to the fact of the high brow life the Craine brothers lead, played by Kelsey Grammer (Fraiser) and David Hyde Price (Niles) supported by other actors and actresses John Mahoney (Martin Craine), Jane Leeves (Daphne Moon), Peri Hilpin (Roz Doyle) and of course Moose the Jack Russell who played Eddie later played by his offspring Enzo. Frasier Craine appeared in 264 episodes of "Frasier" plus another 201 episodes of "Cheers" I find that astonishing, that is an unbelievable amount of episodes for one character across two shows.

4 - "Everybody Loves Raymond"

"Everybody Loves Raymond" is a very family orientated show, the comedy on the other hand can get a little fiesty. This is another show that will take a little while to get into, some of the characters are nearly impossible to put up with, I say some Ray's mother is enough to drive anybody insane ha ha. The show itself is kind of like a '90's version of "According To Jim" which is another great Sitcom, which missed my top 5 list due to its release in 2000 I thought it was earlier, it has that '90's feel about it. Ray is the main protagonist in the show but his brother an parents are definite scene stealer's they are incredible comedy actors. Frank Barone, Rays dad who was played by the late great Peter Boyle was easily my favourite character his constant sly digs at Marie (Rays mum) had me in stitches most episodes. The comedy is based on real life events of Ray Romano, what kind of incredible life did Mr. Romano lead ha.

3 - "Friends"

Where to start with "Friends" it's probably everybodys favourite Sitcom, and I can see why. It has a pretty big main cast, but they are all incredible characters David Schwimmer (Ross), Courney Cox (Monica), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt Le Blanc (Joey) and Matthew Perry (Chandler). One of the best things that "Friends" gives you is that straight from college part of your life, the show centres around the more scary part of life. The time when we all have to "grow up" and put a hilarious twist on it, another thing I like is how they all have average/everyday jobs unlike other Sitcoms where the main cast have high paying specialist jobs. Over the 10 seasons you will fall in love with all 6 characters each for their own reasons Chandler with his jokes, Joey with his idiotic ways, Ross with his insane situations, Phoebe with her lovable demeanour, Rachel with her sophistication and Monica with her crazy obsession for tidiness.

2 - "Seinfeld"

"Seinfeld" frequently described as the "Sitcom about nothing", I can see where that description comes from. The show doesn't really centre around any sort of end goal or over lying story, which is kind of unusual for a Sitcom as you might know. The show is just built around an every day New Yorker who is a Comedian played by Jerry Seinfeld, the show featured 4 incredible characters each incredibly funny in their own rights but my personal favourite was Cosmo Kramer played by Michael Richards the other two main characters were Elaine Benes played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Geroge Costanza played by Jason Alexander. Kramers insane antics are what a great show, perfect or as close as any show has been. Not only did the show have four great main characters it also had just as funny supporting characters over the years, including; Jerry Stiller, Bryan Cranston (for like 5 episodes), Wayne Knight & Len Lesser. I find it hard to say something is "one of the greatest ever" but to say it about "Seinfeld" doesn't even seem such a stretch to me, the show is so incredibly written by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David plus a bunch of writers as well of course.

1 - "The King Of Queens"

"The King Of Queens" truly the last of the great '90's Sitcoms to come to an end, the show ended May 14th, 2007. Genuinely a sad day for the Television world if you ask me, this really was the end of what I consider the Golden Era of Sitcoms since I've been alive that is. The story revolves around your everyday man, just a simple delivery man with an unbelievably beautiful wife who's life is turned upside down, inside out and flipped seven ways from Sunday when his wife's father is forced to move in with them. It will probably take a few episodes before you get hooked, but when you do you will fall in love with the comedic performances of Kevin James, Jerry Stiller, Patton Oswalt and Leah Remini. Kevin James in my opinion is by far the single most underrated Comedy actor currently working. Ever since "The King Of Queens" finished I have always wanted it to come back as a new season or even a Television Movie, I would love to see how they are all getting on now I even had a crazy idea of Doug and Carrie appearing in an episode or a few of "Rules Of Engagement" due to Sandlers connection to Kevin James an the fact Happy Madison is part of the production on the show.


Which is your favourite 90's sitcom?


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