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Jay Dee

"The House With 100 Eyes" (2015)

Plot: Ed and Susan appear to be a normal loving couple, however, they are far from it. They are snuff filmmakers and want to make the first ever triple feature; Three victims, three kills, all in one night. In order to provide their fans with everything you'd get on a straight DVD, they have rigged their entire house with cameras and audio for your viewing pleasure. Ed's plan slowly unravels and it all is captured on tape.

Jay's Take: This film isn't great, I'm not even sure it's good, but it kept me watching (and occasionally turning my head for small seconds) ..Ok so this little Amazon Primer was presented as "A Comedy/Horror film about suburban psychos making average American snuff films until things go wrong." ..Intriguing right? Folks there's nothing funny about this film, it's ugly, and it's almost as close as you can get to being a Shock genre film without going too, too far... None of this is a recommendation, just facts.

Personally, I liked most of it. (Some was a little too much of the same nasty themes replayed past shock to nauseam ) The humor is there in the well played characters but you'll forget to laugh at them about half way in. At your own risk Horror Hounds, 6.0 out of 10 for me.


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