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Jason Rosete

This little 'Billy' doll homage may help end the selfie craziness that has absorbed phone users and cluttered the net with stuff no one ever wanted to see in the first place. "Die selfie die" or even "die selfie-makers die" might be the byline for this horror flick, which really addresses a social media horror.

The girl in the video is hot. She is obviously so self-absorbed that she almost deserves what she gets. Things heat up as she drops her clothes and makes a few selfies sans-culottes. However, there's no total nudity from the film’s maker, Jason Rosete.

The woman in the video definitely suffers from a common social disease called hashtagitis. Symptoms of the affliction are a list of hashtags on your social media profilse as long as your leg (not the middle one). The girl wants all the exposure she can get. There is no cure for hashtagitis but the video does show one way the disease can end.

As the girl busily sends a few pics of herself in her drawers we hear an ominous knock on the door. The girl answers the door in her underwear. Some idiots might think this is an ad for a call girl but you just have to view on. Really, what woman do you know will answer the door in her underwear if she does not know who is at the door.

The girl gets what looks like Chucky in a tux. You know what is coming. After several attacks and a failed run upstairs the girl simply vanishes. You have to presume she has been killed by the tuxedo clad doll. The last act of a dying woman is to take a selfie with the killer doll closing in.

Before she is killed, the girl sees a bloody sign on the door that says # go eff your selfie. I could not agree more.

A news report announces that the entire world should put down their phones because death awaits those that make selfies. Oh if it was only true.

Think about this revolutionary idea for just a moment. No more Kardashian selfies ever again with the whole klan gone to boot. Now think about the Duggars. Every Duggar is a goner and their show goes off the air. What a benefit to mankind.

It is election season. Just imagine the improvement in government if every selfie broadcast of a politician with some half-drunk supporter was instantly eaten alive by a crazed doll. That just might shorten the interminably long and absolutely boring election season.

ISIS could be eaten alive every time the idiots post a selfie with a murder victim. That is a quality improvement. Think about Kim Jong-Un being dead and done the next time the idiot posts a selfie with a nuclear bomb. Death to selfies could mean world peace.

No selfie is a good selfie. This little film makes the point absolutely clear. Get a real life, do something worthwhile, and get your selfie out of my face and off the internet. Get out of your selfie.


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