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"Allegiant" is the third installment in the "Divergent" film series based off of the Young Adult books and it stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz, Maggie Q, Jeff Daniels, Octavia Spencer, and Naomi Watts. The plot this time is that Tris and her group of friends have escaped past the wall that borders Chicago and now they venture off into a new world where they learn secrets, meet new people, and do other stuff you already saw in "The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials".

I won't lie, I'm suffering from some major YA book-to-film fatigue right now. "Mockingjay Part 2" ended the "Hunger Games" series in disappointing fashion, "The Maze Runner" series is known only for both movies having God-awful endings, and now we have the next installment in the "Divergent" series, a series that exists only because Tris has the power of having multiple personalities. The first two films were generic in terms of being YA film adaptations, but I still give them some credit for having entertainment value to them. This movie, "Allegiant", however, is just plain bad. I couldn't necessarily say that about "Divergent" or "Insurgent", but now I'm saying it for "Allegiant".

The biggest problem with this movie is that it follows the exact same formula that the previous movies followed. People overemphasize Tris's importance, Tris and Theo James's character, Four, have boring love drama going on, a big name celebrity is introduced as an obvious villain reveal, and we get a bunch of boring exposition about the world they live in and how important it is. if you're actively looking for something in this movie that'll win you over in terms of originality or expanding the story, you won't get any of that since it's just absolutely imperative that this movie retreads all of the same plot points as the first two. It's honestly really depressing to watch a film series like this and realize that the only new thing in each film is the main character's hair; what a joke.

As far as acting goes, a majority of the cast does an OK job in this movie, but it isn't exactly a secret that everyone involved is tired of these movies. Shailene Woodley is phoning it in for a paycheck, Theo James is just his usual self, lack of charisma and acting ability in check, and other supporting roles like Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort clearly would rather be doing other projects. You guys wanna star in sequels to "Whiplash" or "The Fault in Out Stars"? Go right ahead, so long as it gets you out of this franchise. Even veteran actors like poor Jeff Daniels are roped into this movie and its tropes. To his credit, Daniels does try to make his role come to life in the start of his screen time, but there comes a point near the end where you can actually feel his boredom in the role. The same goes for Naomi Watts and Octavia Spencer, two talents who deserve better.

This movie being a finale that's been split in two parts, (yes, again) it ultimately suffers from existing as nothing more than drawn out, unnecessarily long set up for Part two next year. There's a lot of stuff in this movie that could've easily been cut out for the sake of time, but apparently the director needed extra stuff to justify splitting the movie into two parts. And with that fatal flaw, the movie then just rushes to and end and the credits start rolling before you can even process what just happened in the climax. The first "Maze Runner" proved that there's nothing worse than an ending that acts only as sequel bait and this movie perfectly reinforces that.

The only positive thing I'll say about this movie is that it's an occasionally good-looking movie. The CGI is actually well done in a lot of scenes and I liked some of the scenic landscape shots that show the world they've now entered. So yeah, long story short, this movie has big, pretty things visuals in it, but so do the "Transformers" movies and we all know how those turned out.

In the end, "Allegiant" is the same exact movie as the first two films in this franchise and it's barely limping to the finish line at this point. With part two coming out next year and closing off this series, we'll have at least a small feeling of relief that one of the current YA film series is dead and buried, only to be appreciated by die-hard fans of the source material and Theo James's good looks. (he's definitely not getting by on his acting "abilities") Fans of the books and previous films will find stuff to enjoy in "Allegiant", but the rest of us have plenty of better, Batman and Superman filled things to look forward to in the near future.

Rating: Some Ol' Bullshit


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