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The popular television series The Flash is currently on a spring hiatus until the 22nd of March, and will return with the episode titled 'Trajectory' on that date. Promos for the newest episode of The Flash show a new speedster arriving in Central City, though this speedster may not be on the Flash's side when she arrives. It's not clear as to what her code-name will be or if she already falls under another superhero/villain moniker but her code-name may be "Trajectory" as it could correspond to the concepts of speed and trajectory of moving objects; this new speedster is played by actress, Allison Paige. There's not much that can be pulled from the promos for the next episode of The Flash but it's apparent that Barry Allen isn't the only speedster in Central City anymore; there's also the possibility of Wally West becoming a speedster of Central City as well but that's a discussion for another time. The newest episode will probably answer some of the questions fans have on the revelation that Zoom shares the face of actor, Teddy Sears, who plays Jay Garrick on The Flash. On the last episode of The Flash before the spring hiatus, Barry Allen and Harrison Wells managed to close all the breaches to Earth-2 but in doing so, Zoom reached into Earth-1 before the last breach closed, killing Jay Garrick and pulling him through the breach. The end of the episode concluded with Zoom removing his mask to reveal that he shares the face of Jay Garrick; no other information was given at the end of the episode, leaving the show on a cliffhanger.

There's much speculation going around as to why Zoom has Jay Garrick's face, and most of the answers have some convoluted reasoning as to how it makes sense but the answer to why Zoom and Jay Garrick share the same face may be much simpler than it seems and the answer doesn't have to do with Teddy Sears being simul-casted on The Flash. Yes, both Jay Garrick and Zoom share the same face, as well as Earth-1:Hunter Zolomon and there's a few things that can be explained by simply looking closer at a few of the more recent episodes of The Flash. As to why the characters of Zoom, Jay Garrick, and Hunter Zolomon share the same face is because all three of them are Hunter Zolomon. A few facts need to be stated before continuing.

For one, after the last episode of 'The Flash', executive producer of the program Andrew Kreisberg confirmed to the EW that Zoom is indeed the character of Hunter Zolomon. Secondly, during the episode of The Flash wherein Caitlyn Snow is searching for Jay Garrick's Earth-1 doppelganger; the two go out looking for Jay's doppelganger only to find that Jay's doppelganger is Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon. Jay Garrick explains to Caitlyn that he'd already sought out his doppelganger on Earth-1 for the purpose of duplicating the doppelganger's DNA to rejuvenate his own dying cells but the doppelganger was incompatible so he decided to not pursue it anymore. That is the entire discussion on the matter between Caitlyn and Jay but Jay never explains to Caitlyn as to why his doppelganger has a different name than he does. The doppelgangers from Earth-2 that have appeared on Earth-1 have shared similar names to those on Earth-1 so that doesn't explain why Jay's name differs from Hunter Zolomon's name so much. The truth is revealed in the names. With executive producer, Andrew Kriesberg confirming that Zoom from Earth-2 is the Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2, and Caitlyn's confirmation of Jay Garrick's Earth-1 counterpart being Hunter Zolomon that proves a very overlooked fact. There is no Jay Garrick. The moniker of Jay Garrick is a facade, the three characters on The Flash who share actor, Teddy Sear's face are all Hunter Zolomon in one way or another.

We know that Earth-1 has a Hunter Zolomon, and that Zoom is the Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2 so that means Jay Garrick can't be Hunter Zolomon of either Earth and it isn't likely that he comes from an alternate Earth despite the concept of the Multi-verse already being teased on the program of The Flash. So why does Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon have that face? The reason why the character we know as Jay Garrick is also Hunter Zolomon is because he is a clone of the original Hunter Zolomon. Not much is known of Zoom/Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2, and his maniacal behavior tells something else constant of clones in most sci-fi genre stories. Zoom's behavior proves that he too is a clone of the original Hunter Zolomon; Zoom shows no remorse, loyalty, or characteristics of a living, human-being to constitute him being more than just a clone but that leaves the story on 'The Flash' failing to address where the original Hunter Zolomon is. That question has already been unwittingly answered as well, the original Hunter Zolomon is trapped in Zoom's prison where Barry Allen and Jessie Wells were held by Zoom as well. The original Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2 is the man in the mash, trapped by Zoom. The evidence that proves the man in the mask being Hunter Zolomon is that the Morse code used by the man in the mask to communicate with Barry Allen when they were both trapped in Zoom's prison translated to the name 'Jay' as in 'Jay Garrick'. Barry Allen wasn't able to retrieve anymore information from the man in the mask as Zoom was set to return to his prison/lair, but the masked man's reaction to Barry's question back to him regarding whether or not the masked man knows Jay Garrick says more than the man could say. The man in the mask was not trying to spell his name in Morse code, the man in the mask was trying to warn Barry Allen of "Jay" Garrick being a part of Zoom's plan by spelling "Jay" first. Going along with the presumed fact that Jay Garrick is a clone of Hunter Zolomon, and the original Hunter Zolomon is the man in the iron mask trapped in Zoom's prison, it's likely that the iron-masked Hunter Zolomon was betrayed by Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon which is why the first word Hunter tries to translate is "Jay". If Hunter Zolomon were betrayed by his own clone who decided to take on his own mission, it's plausible for Hunter Zolomon's first clone to have trapped the original Hunter Zolomon, created more clones and wound up with Zoom rather than another Hunter Zolomon. That would explain why there are multiple Hunter Zolomon, and why Jay Garrick has Hunter Zolomon's face as well.

To round out all the confusion, the concluding theory to all this is the Jay Garrick that existed on Earth-2 has died before the breaches between the two earths have opened, and the Jay Garrick who introduces himself to Team Flash is actually a clone of Hunter Zolomon. The current Jay Garrick is a clone of Hunter Zolomon, who assumes the moniker of Jay Garrick as a disguise in the face of Team Flash. Zoom/Hunter Zolomon and Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon are both clones of the original Hunter Zolomon who hasn't been revealed on the series but is most likely, the man in the iron mask whose trapped in Zoom's prison. With all three characters being revealed to being Hunter Zolomon, what happened to the original Jay Garrick? It's known that on Earth-2, Jay Garrick is known as a hero like The Flash but did Hunter Zolomon or one of his clones kill Jay Garrick to start Zoom's reign? None of these questions will be answered until 'The Flash' returns on March 22, 2016.

The Flash airs on the CW, Tuesdays at 8PM.


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