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Just when you thought that all the possible theories about Glenn's fate in the TWD season 6 finale had been's another one!

Beware, it's kind of out there, and I seriously doubt it'll happen, but it's just twisted enough that I felt I should sit down and type it out!

On the Walking Dead Wikia TV series characters site, they have ever so graciously mapped out a lot of the main characters, alive and dead, and their families, both alive and dead.

They even have a handy dandy key!

Now, take a look at all of these and see if you see a pattern.

The Grimeses

Three of four accounted for. I guess this family is royalty!

The Chamblers

The Dixons

Enid & Fam

The Fords

The Greenes

The Joneses

The Michonnes

The Monroes

The Peletiers

The Williamses

The Andersons

This family is another exception. RIP all of you...except Pete.

Now on to the star of the show...Glenn!

Where are his parents? In the comics, it's quite a bit different, but in the show, he mentions being from Michigan before moving to Atlanta and delivering pizzas. And in the episode 'Nebraska,' he talks about his mother and sisters, but doesn't know what happened to them.

Put yourself in his family's shoes, or at least his mother's. Glenn couldn't make it out of Atlanta to get to them in Michigan, so perhaps his mother made an attempt to get to him? Some or all of his sisters may have perished, or came with his mom to find him. Maybe they knew that Atlanta was overrun, and knew they were going to have to come to Glenn if they ever wanted to see him again.

This is where the long shot comes in. What if, as a twist in the finale, Glenn's mom and/or sister or sisters made it across the country before shit hit the fan, and ended up being a part of Negan's camp?

Right now, Glenn is supposedly the last of his family, which seems to leave him at least a little more unkillable. With the exception of Andrea and Amy, the Andersons, and a few others, the producers really seem to be trying to keep one member of each family around.

Also, Glenn and Maggie are married, Their family actually has 3 members right now, with the third in the oven.

I can see Negan giving Glenn a choice; upon being reunited with his family, he can either watch Negan murder them all, or he'll take the bat to his head. Or, with Negan being Negan, he might murder his family in front of him, and then move on to Glenn himself, turning the Rhee clan into another Anderson family.

Don't ever try to keep up with the Andersons...the Joneses either!


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