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UFC 200 is getting closer. For several months now, fans all around the world have wondered about what exciting fights they will witness in this card.

Today, I want to talk about some dream matches that I would love to see in this landmark event. These fights, as unlikely as they are to come into fruition (some may say that they are impossible to do), are still in the realms of possibility. Of course, small things like money, retirement and contracts with other organizations get in the way, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

I hope that you enjoy it!

Main Event: Jon Jones vs Fabricio Werdum

This event, for its importance and relevance, needs a title fight. And right now, what other title fight in the entire organization could be as interesting as this one?

Jon Jones may be the best mixed martial artist of all time. He has the entire package. He is fast, strong, creative, and has proved once and again that he doesn't crumble in the middle of the hurricane. He is running out of challenges in his division. It is time for him to go to greener (and more dangerous) pastures.

Fabricio Werdum has proved that he can fight against anybody in the world. Defeating Fedor and Cain is not a small feat, specially when you arrive as a big underdog. He was known for being a great grappler, one of the best of the world, but his stand-up game wasn't on par. Well, after years of hard training, he has become a force to be reckoned with. It was really spectacular the way he destroyed Roy Nelson on the feet. His punches and knees were those of a true complete fighter.

In this particular match, I would give the edge to Werdum. He has proved that regardless of the quality of the rival, he can get away with a win. Jon Jones has a great advantage over the fighters of his division in terms of strength and reach, but the land of Heavyweights is a completely different beast altogether. And even if he were able to take advantage of his strength and arguably superior foot technique against Werdum, if this fight goes to the ground (a very plausible scenario), Werdum has all the edges in there.

Result: Werdum by submission Round 4

Co-main event: Miesha Tate vs Cris Cyborg

Let's face it, as appealing as the third part of the trilogy of Ronda vs Miesha is (not that much), there are a couple of better options for both of them. After defeating Holy Holm, Miesha proved to the world that a great heart and a conviction of steel can overcome everything.

Or almost everything . . .

Cris Cyborg may be the most dangerous woman in the planet. In a fight, she is savage and ruthless. No other champion has destroyed the competition the way she has done.

The first round of this fight would be completely dominated by Cris. She would attack Miesha with great fury. But if Miesha survives her relentless pummeling and hangs until the third round, then she will use her untamed heart and, through sheer will, she will throw Cyborg to the ground (if she dropped Sara McMann, an elite wrestler, then she can drop Cyborg). And in there, history would repeat itself. Miesha would win via submission.

Result: Miesha Tate via Submission Round 3

Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar

In the wake of Dada 5000 vs Kimbo, we all have to admit that Freak Shows sell. In fact, they sell very well. And trust me, this is the Greatest Freak Show of them all.

Fedor was considered, by a lot of people and by many years, as the greatest fighter of all time. He arrived in a time when most heavyweights weren't as complete as they are now. Fedor had the full package. Great technique on the ground and on the feet and great strength and conditioning (some fighters said that nobody hit as strongly as him).

Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, lacks the overall technique that Fedor had. But his strength and brutality are unmatched by any other fighter. Also, he is a great wrestler, and in this regard, he may be even superior to The Last Emperor.

As much as I long for Fedor to win, I think Lesnar has the edge in this one. Don't misunderstand me. A prime time Fedor would (most likely) have won this fight. But he lacks the spirit that he showed several years ago. Also, his age is now a factor. I think that Lesnar's strength and intensity would be too much for Fedor to handle (if Big Foot dropped him to the ground and dominated the fight in there, well I think it will be even easier for Lesnar to accomplish that).

Result: Brock Lesnar via KO, Round 2.

Dada 5000 vs CM Punk

Just kidding.

Connor McGregor vs Georges St-Pierre

Connor McGregor is Dana Whites' dream come true (besides Ronda). He generates more money than anybody else in the company does. But a few years ago, Dana's money machine was someone named Georges. Do you remember him?

Well, rumor says that he wants to come back. And who better to face him that Connor? Yes, I know that Connor has another planned date with Nate Diaz, but the response for that fight hasn't been particularly positive. I am sure that this dream combat would generate a lot more expectation than the proposed rematch.

I will give the edge to GSP in this fight. Connor proved, against Nate, that his ground game is not as good as it should be. And let's face it, it is hard to imagine him stopping Georges' impeccable takedowns. Also, Georges is bigger and a lot stronger than him.

Result: GSP via TKO Round 4

Anderson Silva vs Shogun Rua

Yes, I know that these fighters aren't on their prime anymore. But old school fans would love to see these two legends fighting against each other. I know I would.

Result: Anderson Silva via TKO Round 4

Rest of the Card

Gina Carano vs Anyone
Donald Cerrone vs Nate Diaz
Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar

I hope that you enjoyed this. If you have suggestions for this event, let me know in the comments section.

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