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If you keep up with the DC Television Universe, like I do, then I am sure by now you have noticed that any time a character on TV also appears in the DCEU, that character is written off the show. We saw it already with Deadshot, Deathstroke, and Amanda Waller; could Barry Allen be next up on the chopping block?

We know that Ezra Miller will be debuting his own version of Barry Allen in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and then he will be starring in his own movie in 2018. So what happens to the Barry Allen we have grown to know and love on the hit show The Flash?

This is just a theory, but what if before we get the Flash movie in 2018 with Ezra Miller, Grant Gustin's Barry Allen has to be killed off the show?

I hate to think that this could be a reality, but what if this is Warner Bros.' plan? They have made it clear that they do not want to have the same character on two different mediums, whether it be for continuity reasons or so that the general audience does not get confused.

You would think with the success of The Flash and the popularity of Grant Gustin's Barry Allen, Warner Bros. would be smart enough to take the risk and let the TV show continue running while the the Flash movies are in theaters.

But what if they have every intention of keeping the show running while also killing off Barry Allen? What if their plan is to have Wally West take over as the Flash once Barry is gone, just like in the comics?

Keiynan Lonsdale
Keiynan Lonsdale

This would allow for the show to continue while also killing off the TV version of Barry Allen. It of course, is not what fans are going to want to hear, because nobody wants to see Grant Gustin leave The Flash, but to have a way to keep the show going — if that is the decision Warner Bros. chooses — is pretty cool.

While I love Grant Gustin's portrayal of Barry, I think that the show's writing is what makes it so amazing, and it could survive with Wally taking over.

Now, with that being said, and meaning no offense to Keiynan Lonsdale, who is playing Wally West currently, but his performance as Wally up until this point has been less than memorable.

Ezra Miller is the DCEU Flash
Ezra Miller is the DCEU Flash

While I do think that Wally West taking up the mantle once the writers decide that Barry Allen's time on the show is over is a nice idea, I do not know if Lonsdale can carry the weight of a show as the main character. You never know though, maybe he will take strides in his acting and with the character by 2018.

I do hope that they plan on keeping both Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller's iterations of the Flash on at the same time though; and hopefully seeing that they can both co-exist will help them realize that they can have the same character on both TV and film. That could even open up opportunities for other heroes to join the TV universe that are already in the movies.

Imagine if DC allowed for popular characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and even Superman to appear on TV.

What do you guys think of my theory? I know that this is probably the last thing we want to see happen, but it unfortunately is a possibility. Tell me what you think in the comments and thank you for reading!


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