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The game company behind hit Walking Dead decision based game, Telltale came out with a new game based on Michonne and her story before she met the group, and let me tell you now: it was incredible! Everything from the voice acting to the intense sequences of action and struggling to survive.


It's your basic Telltale game: there are sequences of hitting buttons and moving your left analog stick, along with gorgeous cell shaded graphics. I was personally very surprised with how smooth it controlled due to the fact that the original Walking Dead game had delayed and slow controls at time. But this game was different, very smooth and responsive. If you love Telltale games, then this game is for you!


Like I said, SPOILER FREE! The story is bridging the gap between Michonne's former life and her arrival with the group we all know and love. This is just episode 1 so we don't meet the group yet. That will more than likely come in Episode 3. But Telltale did an incredible job nailing Michonne's character, they didn't get Danai Gurira to reprise her role from the television series and voice Michonne, but the voice actress they did get did a great job (Samira Wiley). If you enjoy the comics or the TV show then this game's story should nail your heart to a wall and punch it repeatedly, in a good way of course.

Rating: 9.5/10:

Did you enjoy the past Walking Dead Telltale games? Do you enjoy the TV show or Comics, or even Michonne's character? Then you will love this game, I highly recommend it!

If you haven't seen the game trailer yet, here it is:


Do you agree with my rating? Disagree? Let me know down below!


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